AT&T’s $60 Prepaid GoPhone Plan Gains 4GB Data Roaming in Canada, Mexico


AT&T has announced its top-tier $60 GoPhone prepaid plan, will get 4GB of high-speed roaming data to use in Canada and Mexico to go with the U.S. This comes on top of unlimited talk and text from the U.S. to landline and mobile numbers to Canada and Mexico. Customers that subscribe to Auto Refill get $5 off per month, so that takes this plan down to $55 per month.

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This added option to now include Canada for roaming follows in the footsteps of other carriers like T-Mobile’s unlimited offering launched in July. For Canadian snowbirds that live in the U.S. for six months of the year or longer, these new plans just provide more options, on top of other services like Roam Mobility.


  • JB

    GAH!!!! Telus is $85/mo for 3.5 gig of data and unlimited Canada calling. Plus $7 PER DAY to use the plan in the US. So ready for some change in the wireless landscape here.

  • SV650

    Remember this is prepaid, so you need pay full price for the phone, whereas the Telus plan includes a device subsidy. Also, US$60 = C$80 at today’s exchange. Finally, other than the headline on the ATT site, I can find no information stating the data package can be used while travelling outside the USA.

    This just seems a bigger data package for their prepaid offering.

  • Salinger

    Nope, the $85 is BYOD, no subsidy. It’s $105 with TELUS if you want a subsidy.

  • Kalmzo hincoa

    I’m from Canada and currently using this plan on the 3rd month so far. Love it. It roams on rogers and have lte all the time, plus when I go to the US i can still use it. I refil my account from callingmart with a coupon i find online for around 55 dollars tax in and everything. In today’s dollar that is like 82-85 canadian. 5GB of data with rollover, nothing beats it.