AT&T Offers Refurb iPhone 4 Units For $79

Recently AT&T made refurbished iPhone 4 units available ranging from $99-$199USD. Now the American wireless company has refurbished iPhone 4 units starting at $79USD.

These new refurbished iPhone 4 units are cheaper because they come with a “cosmetic blemish”, which likely means some kind of physical damage somewhere on the device.

What I am waiting for are the Canadian carrier iPhone 4 refurb units. Last year, a few weeks after AT&T launched refurb iPhone 3GS units, Rogers, Bell, and Telus followed. The same happened with the iPhone 3G with Rogers.

If that pattern continues, we should begin seeing refurb iPhone 4 units available on contract for about $79-$199 on Rogers, Telus, and Bell.

Do you believe in refurb units? Would you purchase a refurbished iPhone 4 on contract?


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  • KnightFire

    Do I believe in refurb units; yes.
    Would you purchase a refurbished iPhone 4 on contract; no way, I’d only buy one outright.
    And with all the Android competition if the iPhone 5 isn’t the cat’s meow, then I’ll be buying a Android.

  • I am such a crazy tech guy I freak out over a littlest scratch on my devices, so i tend the baby them as much as possible. I dont think i could ever live with a refurb because I know if i opened that back and saw a scratch i wouldnt be truly be happy with it lol. My wife dropped my 3Gs, scuffed the back, so I bought another one and gave her the scuffed phone lol

    wasteful? yeah probably but she was happy lol. I just hope she doesn’t try the same trick with my other many electronics laying around the house

  • Jack

    If a new one on contract is $159 then a refurb on contract (especially one with a “blemish”) should be $50.

  • Jack

    If a new one on contract is $159 then a refurb on contract (especially one with a “blemish”) should be $50.

  • Anonymous

    I will never buy refurbished on a contract. Unless it was unlocked and it was large difference in price.


    What about apple stores/unlocked? Think that could happen?

  • Anonymous

    just promotes the market to have a kind of method of rate and sale action.
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  • Anonymous

    If you can afford to pay about $50/month to operate the device you should be able to pay $159 for it.

    Now if it was an unlocked refurb iPhone 4 for about $300 then that would be better.