Bell Issues Apology for Charging Deceased Man’s Bank Account


Bell has apologized to the daughter of the deceased customer it had been billing for four months after his death. CBC News reports that Bell offered an apology to Jill Druken yesterday morning. Bell’s action comes a day after Jill turned to the media to spread the news of the carrier’s error.

Bell Lg

Jill’s father died in November, aged 74. She said she presented the death certificate to Bell’s customer service twice but was unable to prevent the carrier billing her father’s bank account for cellular services he was no longer using, as he had passed away.

Bell issued the following statement to CBC News:

Bell said in a statement to CBC News on Thursday that in some cases, where pre-authorized payments are set up, there can be delays in cancelling and refunding the account.

“We apologize to Ms. Druken for not following our usual customer communications and for the resulting difficulty in closing the account,” communications manager Katie Burgess wrote.

Jill says she was “gobsmacked” by the attention her story attracted and has been “inundated” with messages from other subscribers in similar situations. She also shared her anger on Facebook.

Bell is now offering Jill a $200 gift certificate to “The Source”, but she says she will donate it to a local school.


  • Robert ADDINGTON

    Which is worse: to be told you’re still alive when in fact you’re dead, or dead when you’re still alive?

  • Jason

    With Bell, you can have both.

  • Allan

    Very typical Bell customer dis-service. Took me several months to get a bill for Bell service.

    Everything is handled in the Caribbean. The CSR says the problem is resolved.

    Next month no bill, I call back and have to start over again.

    You take down the employee number and can never speak to that employee again.


  • Bill___A

    I think more than just Bell needs to review their procedures.

  • TwitchyPuppy

    Ok, an apology. That’s cute.

    How about acting responsibly and refunding the gentleman’s daughter?

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