Bell and Rogers Double Data to 6GB for $105/Month Nationwide Plans [u]


Bell customers on the $105/month Voice & Data Plus plan should be aware the company has just doubled the shareable data from 3GB to 6GB.

Screenshot 2014 03 10 14 12 55

The move appears to match Rogers, which similarly offers a 6GB data plan as a promo (until March 12) for its $105/month Share Everything plan. Telus has not made any changes yet to match these promos.

Screenshot 2014 03 10 14 19 56

If you’re on these plans, be sure to call in and get your extra data.

Update: It appears the 6GB promo has been ongoing and not new as of today; it expires on March 13.


  • jimmynicrudlets

    Nice. I get the same thing for 45$.

  • Speed

    Same here lol

  • What plan are you on? I have a similar plan and I pay $61 with taxes and fees.

  • These plans are a joke. My plan with 6 gigs of data was $105 when the iPhone launched. I now pay $61 total. Prices should be going down not up. I knew 2-year contracts would be ruined by higher priced monthly plans. I haven’t done the math, but I bet most of these 2-year contracts cost significantly more than the 3-year contracts they replaced.

  • FragilityG4

    Legalized theft.

  • Tim

    I get the same thing minus 1gb of data (5gb total) for $37 per month.

  • matthewcouto

    Everyone’s going to bitch and moan and say that it’s not the same, but I pay $30 (+tax) a month with Wind and I have all the service I need, when I need it. I can’t believe people are paying $60, $70, $80, $105?! on cellphone service? What a joke!

  • mcfilmmakers

    Exact same thing with Videotron with 30Gb!!!! For 80$. (Not a typo)

  • Tron

    Telus has had these promo for over a couple month’s. I got mine in December.

  • Francis

    Haha Wind. When your working in Alberta. Smaller carriers like Wind have no reception in rural areas. Wind is great if your a city person who never leaves the city, but when your working all over the province, Telus is the way to go even if your paying more. Your paying for much better service that works.

  • Peter Pottinger

    I travel all over ontario and I need service even in remote areas so Wind is a non starter.

  • chickeee

    My $35 Wind plan (5GB) costs me $43.68 every month. My old $35 Fido plan (500Mb) was about $75 a month