Bell, Rogers Launch $62 BYOD Plan w/ 7GB Data in Quebec


Looks like Bell and Rogers have noticed Videotron’s recent All-Inclusive Canada-wide plans, starting at $66 per month with 6GB of data ($77/7GB, $88/8GB, etc), to launch their own promo plans to rival the regional Quebec carrier.

Bell and Rogers are offering unlimited Canada-wide calling plans with the usual extras, but offer 7GB of data for BYOD (bring your own device) customers at $62 per month, or $77 per month for those looking to get a subsidized phone on two-year term ($500 off).

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If you’re in Quebec, you definitely have some great wireless choices the rest of Canada can’t get access to. Let us know what you’re going to jump on.

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  • Shaun

    So why isn’t this available to to the rest of Canada??? If Rogers offered this in BC I’d ditch my grandfather 6GB plan in a second.

  • Shaun

    Correction… these plans are available through Rogers in BC… but why are they sooo much more expensive here?

  • They are doing it to compete with Videotron which is only available in Quebec. They don’t need to lower it in Ontario/BC because they all price fix, know there is no other real option for you and they have you by the balls.
    Ironically they resist any efforts at regulation stating that market forces and competition will keep things fair for the consumer. Hmmm

  • ipostic

    This is just another reminder that local smaller companies like Videotron SaksTel are the only competition the big companies have. WIND just doesn’t have enough coverage to compete. Looks like evey province now needs to introduce it’s own wireless provider so that the rest of Canada (like BC and Alberta) would get these competitive plans.

  • Shaun

    Agreed. I was on Wind before and data speeds were horrible. I went back to Rogers. I gotta admit they are the best around when it comes to speeds and coverage… too bad they know it and charge us out the ass for it.

  • 1_andrew_1

    I think it’s worth researching with a constitutional lawyer if these types of regional pricing programs are in violation of Canada’s new free-trade deal. If they are it would be a HUGE story and really shake things up. I think you could make a pretty compelling case they would be illegal under this new framework.

  • Jesse

    Preexisting Bell customers can also jump on this deal. I was on an old 6GB/weekends & weeknights free after 6pm plan for 61 bucks (I’m in Quebec)- off contract too.
    Called Bell and requested this new deal. Surprisingly, I didn’t even need to go to retention’s. Switched my plan without any issues.
    I agree though, the rest of Canada should make some noise. Region specific cell plans are total BS.

  • Michal

    because they can 🙁

  • MrBambinoDent

    This whole QC-only is just unbelievable, those companies have no shame! They clearly say it to our faces, since we don’t have competition in your province you can suck it up and not ask for any better deals!

  • erth

    it looks like living in ontario has its disadvantages on many levels.

  • aRhyno

    Am I the only one that thinks 60+$ a month for a byod plan is crazy? Only way I’d pay 60$ a month is if they subsidize my phone. Rather do public mobile for 38 a month and have 2gb. I have internet at home. I’m already on my phone too much now lol.

  • Eric Nolet

    Really tempted to jump on this one. I’ve had the 4gb ShareEverything + 2gb (from the Desjardins deal) + 10% Offfor the last six months.

    Although they are not giving the 2gb anymore, I guess you can still get the 10% Off from on a few (all?) the shareEverything plans.

  • Corey Beazer

    It’s obviously meant for more heavy users. I have a old 6GB super plan Rogers used to offer and frequently get closed to (or go over) my limit. These deals would be a great offer compared to that plan

  • ftheroux

    I just tried switching from my current 4GB Share Everything to this new plan and was told that this new plan is only for new customers or HW activations.

  • AngryOntarian

    Ok, I will move to QC then.

  • raslucas

    The carriers use the excuse of market conditions… Which is essentially the combination of network operating cost relative to the regional competition. BC therefore gets the most expensive plans because we really don’t have a regional carrier like MTS, Sasktel or Videotron to drive down prices.. We(BC) also have the worst terrain for efficient wireless deployment (hills and mountains and Islands). If you look at a coverage map of Alberta, you can see the difference and ascertain just how many more tower they must need to cover all of BC.

    I don’t agree with province to province differential pricing, but the above is certainly true…

  • Nomp Stiggers

    This is one of the few this that isn’t “Except Quebec residents” so would you please STFU?

  • Nomp Stiggers


  • Firoj

    Just had online chat with Rogers Rep who was willing to give me $77/7 GB plan in New Brunswick, if I get Quebec number instead of my local number. Just heads up if anyone was looking for it.