Bell, Virgin Mobile Match Videotron’s $50 Unlimited 1 GB Plan


If you live in Québec, here is a deal you may want to consider: Virgin Mobile and Bell have lowered their pricing and matched Videotron’s plans. The two carriers have put together a Québec-only plan that costs only $50 per month.

virgin mobile quebec

Among others, here are the key features that sound attractive enough for smartphone users: for $50/ month you have:

  • unlimited local calls;
  • unlimited texting (global on Virgin, nationwide on Bell);
  • Call Display on Voice Mail 3;
  • and 1 GB of data.

bell plan quebec


As the RedFlagDeals thread highlights, this new local Virgin Mobile plan is a Gold Level plan, which means you can get up to a $300 subsidy on a two-year term. The Bell offer is a Voice & Data Lite Promo, so you won’t get a full phone subsidy. You could, however, bring your own phone and get a 10% discount.

Let us know if you will jump on this one!


  • FragilityG4

    What a surprise … They can be competitive.

  • Jay

    Wasnt it 6 gigs a month with videotron though?

  • That’s the $59.95 plan

  • kennymatic

    If they really wanted to make a splash they’d make this plan available to everyone across Canada.

  • rrosales

    The thing is they only do it in regions where there are real competition. Big 3 vs Videotron. Big 3 vs Sasktel. Big 3 vs …

  • Chrome262

    wait 5 bucks more for less data, the extra calling cost them nothing, crap.

  • Chrome262

    And yeah, no competition here in Toronto, or very little. The big 3 make back room deals with other providers to keep them out, well for internet at least. not sure if they have with videotron, and Sasktel is a provincial company.

  • johnnygoodface

    who cares about unlimited minutes anymore: we want unlimited DATA!

  • Philippe Dupuis

    I got the same plan for 45 with virgin a few months ago when the galaxy s4 came out