Bell Launches 10GB Promo Plan for $70 in Saskatchewan


Competition is a wonderful thing for consumers, especially when it comes to wireless rates for those in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, where regional players SaskTel and MTS put pressure on the ‘Big 3’.

Bell has launched a new promo Voice and Data Plus 70 plan in Saskatchewan, for the price of $70 per month. This plan includes unlimited anytime nationwide calling minutes and 10GB of data. For reference, the same plan would cost $145 in BC or Ontario ($60 voice + $85 data), more than double what residents in Saskatchewan are paying.

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The promo plan offers shareable data and looks to compete against SaskTel’s Ultimate 75 plan, which offers unlimited nationwide calling and 10GB of data for $75 per month.

Let us know if you’re moving to Saskatchewan to jump on this (we’re packing our bags as we speak).

[via RFD]


  • malygos21

    This is bs that its only available in SK.

  • Ed Johnston

    Gary – Should read “more than double” not “less than half”.

  • Fixed! Thanks. Just had my coffee 😉

  • Brad Fortin

    Apparently being ripped off by carriers is location-dependent.

  • Fiddlesticks

    You don’t have to pack your bags, lol, all you need is a Saskatchewan number and you can get this plan anywhere in Canada, like me, in BC. Most people have nationwide calling nowadays anyways, it’s irrelevant whether I have a Vancouver or a Regina number – irrelevant to me anyways. lol

  • Mac

    Well. You can get an extra 1GB if you signed up with Fido 🙂

  • erth

    not surprised. why doesn’t ontario have a OntTel service? i am sure that Wynne can whip one up at tax payers expense… 😉

  • southerndinner

    It would likely turn a profit not an expense. SaskTel is very profitable

  • gmd

    Would it have a debt to pay off?

  • Ashley Mann

    Ok iPhoneInCanada boys. The sacrifices I make for you, geez. I called Bell, waited 45 minutes (you’re welcome) told them I was in Ontario and said I wanted to get the Saskatchewan promo plan. No, nope, no way, forget it. But…..

    She asked me what city I was in. I lied and said Toronto. She said some Bell stores in Toronto will set you up with a Saskatchewan phone number and then you just call in to get the promo plan and say you have a Saskatchewan phone number and you’re In the process of moving. It’s sounded shady but I guess that’s what it comes down to to get a great plan.

    There you go boys! You’re welcome!

  • erth

    i owe you a beer. thx.