What’s New in the Recent Bell iPhone 16.1 Carrier Update


A while back iPhone users saw a 16.1 carrier update from Bell on their iPhones and you guys asked us what was new.

We reached out to Bell for clarification and they told us the following via email:

This is an Apple update. They’ve listed what’s included here:

Bell carrier update

In other words, this update is related to iOS 7.1.1 and that’s all we were told. So if you’ve been losing sleep at night over this carrier update, now you know.


  • Johnny

    I don’t think they understood your question. The person who replied to your e-mail doesn’t know what a carrier update was. The person was referring to iOs 7.1.1.

  • We sent a screenshot of the carrier update and made it very clear. That’s all we were able to get. If it was a significant update, I’m sure they would have said something.

  • andrewe

    You keep lowering the bar for what you’re willing to publish.

  • It’s unfortunate you feel that way. When non-Canadian/iPhone stories are posted, people complain.

    When we do post something related specifically to Canadians and the iPhone, after reaching out to Bell multiple times and finally getting a response (after readers asked us to investigate), people like you chime in that it’s not good enough.

    We can’t please everybody, but there are readers that are grateful to read stories like this.

  • andrewe’s sister

    can you stop crying for once? man i hate to imagine what your friends think of your incessant whining lmoa

  • andrewe

    I appreciate the infrequent posts about “iPhone in Canada” these days, but this is not one of them. It’s clear that you could not answered the question that is being asked — What’s new in the recent Bell iPhone 16.1 Carrier Update? — but you posted anyway.

  • I relayed what Bell would tell you about the update. It’s straight from the horse’s mouth. We can only get so much from their PR department. You’re welcome to get us a better answer. Other readers asked their social media team but nothing materialized.