Bell 2012 Q1: Wireless Earnings Grew 13% to $521 Million Thanks to Smartphones


Yesterday, Bell announced their 2012 Q1 earnings. Their wireless division EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization) increased 13% to $521 million, thanks to revenue growth of 5.5%. Bell activated 62,576 postpaid customers and smartphone adoption continued to rise, representing 52% of total postpaid subscribers. This was an increase of 34% compared to the year ago quarter. In contrast, Rogers acquired 47,000 postpaid subscribers but 60% of these users were smartphone owners.

Increased smartphone adoption resulted in higher mobile data revenue growth of 31% (Bell Mobile TV helped data revenue growth) and blended ARPU (average revenue per user) at $53.84.

CEO of BCE, George Cope:

“In Q1, we increased our smartphone customers and mobile data revenue significantly as we continued to roll out our new 4G LTE mobile network and enhance our industry-leading Bell Mobile TV service,”

Overall profit increased 14% for BCE to $574 million, based on $4.9 billion in revenue, which also rose almost 10% compared to the year ago quarter.


  • Sfgj

    As a former bell employee. I hope they crash and burn

  • mcfilmmakers

    In other news:

    62,576  idiots signed a contract with the devil to be price-gouged, ripped off and robbed by the devil (Bell) instead of doing their homework and signing with a 3rd party, smaller company like Public Mobile (I know, it’s Rogers) or Videotron.

  • BrightNadia80

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  • Transonic

    Haha you’re an idiot. Smaller 3rd party companies are crap. WIND, Videotron, etc. They’re going to be absorbed in the next few years anyway. 

  • mcfilmmakers

    No so, you are. Those “crappy” third parties have reduced average cell phone bills by 50% due to competition pressure on the big 3. Quantify “few” will you? They’ve been in existence for a solid 3 years now and there is no sign of sales, buyouts, or bankruptcy. On the other hand, the Big 3 (Bell and Rogers especially) show signs of collusion, corruption, disregard for the law, tampering, illegal throttling, price gouging, price fixing and disillusionment!