Bell’s $60/10GB Plan Now Supports Apple Watch Series 3 LTE and NumberShare


Last month we told you Bell’s $60/10GB non-shareable plan was expected to support Apple Watch Series 3 LTE models, and now that day has finally arrived.

iPhone in Canada readers such as Jay have informed us Bell’s NumberShare feature, which lets users share their existing numbers to devices, such as cellular Apple Watch models, is now available and working. He was able to successfully add his Apple Watch Series 3 LTE to his BYOD 60 plan, as seen in the screenshot below:

Bell numbershare

Bell NumberShare costs $5 per month and launched last fall, with the carrier being the first Canadian wireless company to support Apple Watch cellular models. Telus launched Apple Watch LTE support in late 2017. Rogers does not support Apple Watch Series 3 LTE, but says they plan to support eSIM in 2018, which would mean support for the iPhone maker’s wearable.

Were you able to add your cellular Apple Watch to Bell’s $60/10GB plan? Let us know in the comments.


  • johnnygoodface

    I’m not adding my watch until Telus lowers its fees down to 5$/month

  • toysandme

    Ditto here. It’s way overpriced for it is.

  • warpdrive

    At least with paying the 10$ a month with Telus you get another 1gb of data to use with the watch….. it seams with bell they are charging you 5$ to use the data you’ve already paid for?? Suppose with Bell it’s good if your going to stream music and use more than 1gb on the watch…. All I know, is it’s really handy to not have to carry your phone with you all the time.

  • Kate

    Why would they? They’re offering an additional GB of data to use, unlike Bell.

  • johnnygoodface

    I don’t need that extra 1G

  • Steve

    I signed up my watch and it gave it a different number for some reason? When I leave the house I get no signal on the watch. Weird.

  • bwilliamp

    Agreed. I’ve been holding out for the $5 as well. The day they do, I will add. But not until.

  • matpb

    Works for me! Thank you for the heads up 🙂
    I just went in my “Watch” app on my iPhone and was finally able to activate the NumberShare plan for 5$/m with Bell. I didn’t have to call or anything. Speed is great too!

  • Steve

    Turn your phone off and try to make a call with the watch. Does it work?

  • Sam Allan

    Not working if I turn off the phone! is that the way it should be?

  • Sam Allan

    I added successfully my watch to Bell $60 plan for 10GB, but does not work when I turn off the phone!

  • Sam Allan

    The Bell Apple Watch works perfectly now! They are awesome! My apple watch now works and you can call with it or receive call when iphone is turned off!
    very happy with their service!
    But!!! I’m really disappointed as I called several times last week to bell help desk and they all said not available with $60 plan except one who told me do not change your plan as Bell technical team is working on that and they will fix this known issue by the end of February 2018, which they did it perfectly!

  • Steve

    If the phone is off, you should still be able to do some activities with the series 3 watch, including making and receiving phone calls. If you can’t, it’s not working or you are in a poor cell service area.

  • OpenMobile

    Guys, it’s better if we can get the carriers to wrap their heads around adding additional (eSIM) devices at $5 a pop to our existing data buckets, rather than having to have separate plans…get them onboard with that and you’ll eventually be able to add your car, your laptop, your tablets, etc, etc. Then, you just negotiate a better base plan when the occasional good promotion shows up.

  • OpenMobile

    That’s by design. This isn’t to give people the means to light up additional devices and share them with friends (which is the phone point of why your iPhone still need to the connected to the network).

  • Rami Elkhazendar

    Im glad bell finally heard their customers concerns and stopped being useless. Its ridiculous that it took this long. I thought it would finally work for non-shareable data accounts.

    I am totally eligible in every way but because im on a corporate plan i cant add this 10$ option still. They dont even know why. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have 10gb of data as well however while trying to add i still get “wireless not available” its ridiculous, of course bell support lets you talk to someone half way across the world who doesnt know shit all. If anyone can help me out here i would really appreciate it.

    Again, willing to pay the 10$ cause i have non-shareable data, but i have unlimited canada wide calling texting and all that, still cant get this damn feature working. Apparently being corporate is yet another thing bell wants to screw you with. Pathetic.

  • ????????

    Not working on non-share plan without unlimited calling, so still forcing you to get $85 plan. Useless *p