Bell 6GB for $30 Data Plan Promo is Back


When will the carriers make the popular 6GB/$30 data plan permanent, instead of running it constantly as a promo that emerges randomly? An internal Bell posting reveals the 6GB plan is back for smartphones such as the iPhone. The plan will typically require a three year contract, and no expiry on the plan is noted.

Bell recently extended their LTE network to 7 more cities. If you want to jump on this plan now is the time to do so.

[via MobileSyrup]


  • Anonymous

    If any carrier brought a unlimited plan,that’s what would be interesting. Now 6GB of data isn’t alot.  

  • Can you give a link of this plan? I can’t find it on Bell’s website

  • If I already have a contract with Bell can I switch to this ? Or I need to start a new contract ?

  • Anonymous

    Rogers and Telus to follow

  • Mari

    Sounds peachy however if you travel outside of the Americas Bells CDMA network cannot use europes GSM networks with SIM cards! Your iPhone would be useless over here. Even unlocking CDMA phones does not allow GSM data browsing.
    For this reason alone I stay away from Bell!

  • Anonymous

    All Canadian carriers use only the GSM chips of the iPhone. The CDMA chips are not enabled.

    CDMA chips are only used by Verizon and Sprint in the US.

    So don’t worry about roaming around the world. However the phone will be locked so using another SIM card is useless because it won’t work. Unless of course you bought it full price from Apple.

  • Don

    Or if you’re smart you’ll just jailbreak the phone and unlock it yourself, which is a piece of cake. That’s why I love my Galaxy Nexus so much though all of them come factory unlocked out of the box.

  • Drunkenmaster911

    Fine, then don’t get a CDMA phone, Bell offers a ton of HSPA phones that’ll work over seas. You don’t “unlock” CDMA phones you reprogram them, plus Bell offers world CDMA phones if you’re really set on owning one. (Can’t see why you would want one.) Otherwise you’re reason for staying away from is dumb and outdated. Please do not give anyone tech advice in the future. Thanks

  • kt04

    I don’t think it’ll appear on the site, just go in and ask them to add it and they will

  • ktr04

    You should be able to just add it on

  • Mike

    I have the 6gig plan on my iPhone through Fido. After two months I’m averaging 300megs of the 6gig monthly limit. Hmmm. Guess I need to watch more Netflix.

  • TheLPlive

    I have a 6GB data plan from Telus for $70/month. It is a fantastic plan. I can last month (January) was the first month I had it, and I used my phone as a tether A LOT on my Macbook, and still only hit 2.5GB for the month. Even though I’m almost positive that I’ll never hit the 6GB limit, it’s great peace of mind to know that I don’t have to constantly check my usage stats to make sure I’m not going over. This is totally worth it for an extra $20. It’ still a bit of a rip, but cell carriers are a necessary evil.

  • Anonymous

    It is awfully hard to hit 6GB of data though. Unless you go overboard with streaming