Bell Launches $80 Plan with 4GB Data for Quebec Only, Until April 9


The wireless battle in Quebec continues as today Bell has launched a new $80/month nationwide calling plan with 4GB data in the province to compete with Rogers, Telus and Videotron (via MobileSyrup), which includes the following:

Voice and Data Plus 80

  • unlimited nationwide calling
  • unlimited SMS/MMS
  • 4GB of data
  • voicemail, caller ID etc
  • 10 hours of Bell Mobile TV
  • $80/month; ends Monday April 14, 2014

Just a couple days ago Videotron’s latest ad showing off their ‘unlimited’ data plan mocked the Big 3. Videotron offers a similar plan for $5/month less but there’s also a nationwide plan with 6GB data for $79.95/month.

Despite being a promo for less than a week, other competitive Quebec-only unlimited nationwide calling plans actually trump Bell’s plan. For example, you could get Fido’s $60/3GB plan or Koodo’s $55/3GB plan, incur $10/1GB overages and it’ll still be cheaper (and BYOD 10% discount on top too).

Of course, the rest of Canada can only drool at these enticing plans in Quebec and other similar plans in Manitoba and Saskatchewan because these provinces have regional carriers competing with the Big 3.



  • Tim

    I think they’re trying to bait the other carriers into one of their typical oligopoly price increases. Videotron is nice, but the slower network and higher prices for the same calibre of coverage detract from its allure a bit.

  • Zen

    They think this is some miraculous deal that somehow is doing people a favour. I have a corporate plan with Rogers which includes unlimited data, unlimited Canada wide calling and unlimited SMS/MMS/Video messaging….plus VM, Call display etc for $50/month. They take care of the big corps and screw everyone else. I am fortunate to have this plan and the point of this was to just put things in perspective.

  • You do get what you pay for when it comes to networks though. LTE on the Big 3 versus coverage on smaller entrants can be a big diff depending on where you are.

  • Tim

    I think we were saying the same thing. On videotron, you need to pay more to have cost certainty on the national network. You can get “unlimited data” (at decent 3g speeds), but then you’re limited to Quebec. If you want national data, you can get 6gb, which still ends up a bit cheaper, but it’s not as great of an advantage after. Since I use latency sensitive apps (e.g. voip) a lot, no LTE is a deal breaker for me.

    That said, Bell is on crack, I seriously believe they’ve priced themselves where they have on the bet that Rogers and Telus will join them.