New Bell Ad Says “Concerns are Growing…and Growing” Over Verizon


Bell has launched a new two-page ad in the Toronto Star touting “Concerns are growing…and growing” over Verizon. The ads show quotes from people who support Bell’s point of view that Verizon’s entry into Canada would be a ‘concern’ (via @hollysisson).


The quotes can similarly be found on the new website, launched by Rogers, TELUS and Bell to campaign public support for the dire situation these companies will face if Verizon is allowed to enter Canada and participate in the upcoming wireless spectrum auction.

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Just over a week ago Bell’s CEO wrote an open letter in the Toronto Star as well, citing concerns foreign companies such as Verizon would impact Canadian jobs and the company’s storied history. Despite the ongoing public media campaign to seek Ottawa to change its wireless spectrum rules, the Federal government has stated it will proceed forward as planned.


  • Stéphane Lachance

    I switched a few days ago to Wind, AKA the futur Verizon Canada. That’s what I think about these “concerns”.

  • iv

    Oh so now “they” are concerned? They weren’t concerned about ripping customers off all these years! GAME OVER!

  • L84toff

    So Rogers and Bell are now on a public education campaign? Perhaps they feel they have a moral obligation to make sure the Canadian public know the truth (or at least what they think)? Hmmm, I think I too would want to educate the public if someone as big as Verizon decided to set up shop on my block and threaten to take a chunk out of my business (and profits).

    That’t the only thing the big 3 are worried about, their bottom line. Whether or not Verizon will mean cheaper prices for Canadian’s is yet to be determined. I mean it’s certainly possible that we’ll end up with the Big 4. But overall I think this will be a good thing for us as customers. In fact what the big 3 should be doing is trying to improve their customer relations and do more to keep their own customers happy.

    Losing Canadian jobs? This is a joke right? Last time I called Bell for something the person at the other end wasn’t even on this continent. I work with enough folks that lost their jobs from Bell years ago due to outsourcing to know this is BS. These guys understand one thing – PROFIT (Verizon included).

  • Alfred K

    What a joke. That’s why the site does not have any way for people to comment and leave their perspective. Because they want to hear our voices? NOT.

    The ad about losing Canadian jobs is equally galling, another way to keep Canadian jobs is to stop outsourcing and stop huge retirement packages like this:

    These companies are posting huge profits on an essential service. That is just wrong.

  • Arcsvibe

    I am so sick of these ads…anyone else? When I worked at Telus our planners were based in the Philippines, the prepaid service was based in India…now they are worried about Canadian jobs being lost? Cry me a river! I’m very happy with the plan I got from Rogers, but I know that not everyone has it. It is nice to see the big three squirm a little lol.

  • Al

    How stupid/gullible do they think we are? Just shows how out of touch Bell and the rest are with consumer-reality.

  • somedoobsandbeer

    Oh just f?ck?ff bell, rogers, and telus.

  • Guest

    How about if we sent tweets to that famous group of hackers who fights against greedy companies to take down their website?

  • Tidy

    Very well written ! Bell whining about canadians losing jobs – this is so rich as they outsource a lot of jobs to India and other places in the world. I think Verizon will be gone as it will bring competition.

  • Seadoosusan

    Its called competition baby! Check into it! Bell, your service is extremely frustrating, your rates and fees are highway robbery. I would have gladly supported you, a Canadian company, if I thought you were worth figthing for. But your not! Hope you get your ass handed to you!!! You have definitely handed me mine over the years. Screw you!!!

  • ward09

    Sorry I can only up vote you once. If I could i would click that up arrow a thousand times.

  • ward09

    Game over is right! Gonna be an F’in blowout.

  • ward09

    They are beyond squirming… it’s full-blown panic-mode for the big-3.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    The only “concerns” are the concerns the big 3 have about lost future revenue. They certainly aren’t concerned about their current customers, maybe they’re “concerned” for the inevitable loss of current ones. Karma’s a BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!! Eat shit Rogers, Bell & Telus!

  • ward09

    If only the big 3 went from ridiculously-high profits to just high profits, they wouldn’t be in this position now. We might still be complacent if they didn’t try to squeeze every last drop of blood from our stones. I guess they had to ramp up their record-high profits in order to buy sports teams and cable networks. Fuckers!

  • FragilityG4

    The fact that the Stupid Three have teamed up to make a website and commercials to spread their propaganda just shows how corrupt the communication sector really is right now.

  • Steve

    What’s funny is now a lot of the online targeted ads I see are trying to convince canadians how good they have it with less competition. If American cell companies have such poor offerings you wouldn’t need legislation to protect your empire.

  • Westben

    For RoBellUs, the wireless portion of the revenues yield an adjusted profit in the high 30’s low 40 percent range for the past 5 years. For instance Rogers had earnings of just over 7 Billion fleecing’s and out of all that wool, they had just over 3 Billion of our dollars pocketed. Like a pay day loan it is! lend 200, get back 290.

    However Verizon is no stupid chicken folks, they will see RoBellUs pricing, and go a wee bit lower to swoop you, but they’re not going to give away the farm, ATT/Verizon/Sprint are neck and neck with Sprint being their thorn in the US. What we do have however is a stupid CRTC/Government giving away yet another resource for cheap, and to a foreign interests at that. Yep Verizon would be some stupid to pass up the Canada Goodies for a song show, cheap spectrum, piggyback on RoBellUs infrastructure (Thanks again CRTC) where they have none of their own (but they would pay for that ride), So really, it’s a 20 Billion dollar wading pool, which has 8 Billion of profit, if they get in at the national level, it’s merely going to split the pool up, and yes (yeaaaa!!! for us) their will be a little less profit taking, but don’t believe for a minute that your going to get a 30% drop – look for 10% and some come on deals for early channel swimmers.

    Truly, local Wind and Mobilicity are giving you a better value for your dollar than a merged Verizon will – The smaller zones of these startups offer great value if your not a wide area roamer, but having the luxury of Canada wide comes at a price, Verizon included

    Cheers fellow Iphoner’s

  • qwerty_4321

    Their target audience are those that believe in government regulation, unions and oligopolies. In other words ‘socialists’, so yes, they do think their target audience to be that stupid/gullible.