Bell Launches ‘Alt TV’: Watch Live TV Anywhere for $14.95, But Requires Internet Plan


Bell today announced Alt TV, its mobile TV service which allows customers to watch TV anywhere on any device, without the need for a set top box or cable subscription. But there’s a catch: Alt TV requires Bell Fibe Internet.

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The service is being touted as Canada’s “ first widely available app-based live TV service”, and will be available for $14.95 per month, which includes 30 channels. The launch will kick off for customers in Ontario and Quebec, with plans to expand later in Atlantic Canada and Manitoba. The service will offer access up to 500 live and on demand channels, “more than any comparable service in the world,” says Bell.

Bell says customers viewing Alt TV at home won’t have to worry about data usage or fees, because the service “operates as a licensed broadcast service on the privately managed Bell Fibe broadband network for in-home viewing, and on mobile or Wi-Fi networks outside the home.”

Rizwan Jamal, President of Bell Residential and Small Business Services, said in a press release, “Bell changed the television game with Fibe, and today we’re proud to take Canadian TV further with the convenient and affordable Alt TV.”

Customers will be able to view Alt TV through the Fibe TV app on iOS, Apple TV 4, Android, web browsers, with plans to expand to Android TV later in 2017. The service will allow up to two TV streams at a time, while customers can also customize their Alt TV packages.

The service looks to target TV ‘cord-cutters’, who want basic TV without paying for a cable TV package, and are still subscribed to Bell Fibe Internet. Is paying 50 cents per day to watch traditional cable TV worth it to you? Let us know if you’re going to be getting Alt TV.


  • Joe

    LOL typical Bell… offer something nobody wants at a ridiculous price that nobody would ever pay. The channels offered with this package are the same as the “Skinny” package, ie it’s just the basic cable.

  • Tim

    Whenever Bell Canada loses money, it’s a good day.

  • Si2k78

    It’s just another option to pay for cable, disguised to appear better because it’s not delivered of the internet. From the surface, the prices are not all that compelling, and are pretty much in line with what cable packages cost right now. If anyone believes bell or Rogers is interested in saving you money, they are mistaken.

  • Alexis T

    Erm what? Which listed company in this world will be after trying to save customer any money? Lol

    Bell, like any for profit company, is after giving consumers options. If you like the optiOn then pony up and pay or else take your business elsewhere.

  • Si2k78

    ….Like every IPTV service provider… In general, cord cutters don’t want to pay a for 300 channels, of which, only 10 are worth watching. This solution looks to just deliver the same crappy package is the disguise of “internet tv”.

  • Alexis T

    You are saying iptv companies are serving you legal content profit free?

    If not – then your argument is irrelevant to the statement you made earlier.

    Also for the record I do agree there should be options and choices to consumers. And you have it – if you don’t find it value for money that is fair game. But no profit making company in this world is going to satiate your requirements without a profit margin.

  • Si2k78

    There is a difference between making money and gauging.

  • toysandme

    I stopped watching TV five years ago and there is no going back. I find more than what I need on YouTube and Vimeo. Plus they are interactive for the most part.

  • Riley Freeman

    how come theres not a link to anything on bell’s site in this article? unless the service hasnt launched yet.

  • Riley Freeman

    just checked out the packages and same shitty packages lol. Terrible.