Bell Announces 4G Network Rebranding


Following the announcement of Telus launching a 4G network in March, Bell has now done the same. The Bell announcement was expected since both Telus and Bell shared the cost to build their wireless network.

According to an internal Bell posting, the company states that this “re-classification allows Bell to promote the HSPA network as 4G”:

“Given the significant improvements in performance and quality the wireless carriers have made to their networks, the ITU has reassessed the definition of 4G standards. This re-classification allows Bell to promote the HSPA+ network as 4G.”

The changes are effective today.

Does this translate into a speed increase? Probably not right now, but most likely in the near future.



  • bekk45

    so, rogers/mts/bell all have the same speed, yet bell is called 4g? then telus with their 4g which is supposed to be alot faster? so confusing.

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t change a thing unless your phone is capable of 4G network speeds. Oh ya, changing the definition of what constitutes a 4G network doesn’t make it faster.

  • Red Star

    HSPA+ is not 4G

  • U96178

    So, what do you call Rogers’ LTE now, 5G?

  • Anonymous

    Both AT&T and T-Mobile are playing that hspa+ is 4g game down here. I just don’t buy it. When both our nations have LTE saturated then we shall have 4g.