Bell Black Friday Promo: $100 In-Store Credit Towards the iPhone 5


Looks like Bell has jumped into the Black Friday fun with a new promo for the iPhone 5. New users signing up for three year terms will receive a $100 in-store credit (towards the phone or accessories) when you activate an iPhone 5. This promotion is noted on the Bell website and goes until Monday:

In-store bonus: until November 26, get a $100 in-store credit when you activate an iPhone 5 on a 3-year term. Visit a Bell store for details.

bell black friday iphone 5

This matches the latest TELUS offer we first told you about which has the iPhone 5 for $100 off on three year terms as well. It’s only a matter of time for Rogers to jump into the foray, me thinks.

Anyone jumping on this?


  • jabohn

    Too bad I just bought one a few days ago, but online.

  • How come nobody complain about Canadian big 3’s here? Hello, anybody there?!

  • They must have gone to the mobile store to sigh up three years contract. ????????

  • You can try to get a refund?

  • Blackhaven

    Was gonna try that myself then they caught me on using the phone for more then 30 mins clause of the contract. Tried to see if I could sweet talk the phone support to credit my account $100 but he didn’t seem to even understand that they were running a promotion as he kept saying only Future Shop had the sale

    That being said Future Shop has $150 off the iPhone 5 currently.

  • Guest

    I tried that but the got me on the 30 min talk time clause. Sweet talking a phone rep didn’t helpe either as they didn’t even know they had that discount.

    Future Shop has iPhones for $150 off though right now for those more fortunate.

  • Guest

    My bad on double post, one of those was meant else where. Sorry about that