Bell Announces CraveTV Streaming Service: $4/month, Not Available to ‘Cord Cutters’


Details of Bell’s new streaming TV service CraveTV have been revealed today. The new service will cost $4 per month (hence the previous codename ‘Project Latte’), available to the company’s existing cable TV subscribers plus those on TELUS and Eastlink, on December 11.

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CraveTV will be available on your TV or set top box, smart TV, smartphone or tablet, computer and coming soon to consoles such as Xbox.

What is interesting about CraveTV is the service requires a traditional cable TV subscription to access it—meaning ‘cord cutters’ won’t be able to access it. According to Bell Media president Kevin Crull told the Financial Post he believes this small minority are “not TV lovers”:

“The 10 per cent that aren’t TV subscribers, in a general sense, they’re not TV lovers,” Crull said in an interview.

“We’ve worked hard to keep all of our options for the future open. I will tell you this industry is fast moving. But right now we think this is the smart way to make the product available.”

The low price point may seem attractive, as it undercuts Netflix and Rogers/Shaw’s latest attempt with shomi, but what we’re seeing here is a library of 600 titles that aren’t necessarily new, but does have access to HBO’s past and present library.

Eventually, more cable TV companies such as Rogers will get access to CraveTV. The question remains: will you subscribe to CraveTV?


  • Al

    A link to the source would be nice.

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    They may be cord cutters but most love TV. They just do not want to deal with the greedy companies like Rogers, Bell, Telus, etc.. They want to watch what they want to watch and not be told what they can watch by the antedated CRTC. Freedom of choice. I am so close to switch totally to Apple TV, Roku, tablets and digital OTA. Need to do more homework first though.

  • Fireeast

    If they allow none bell customers I would sign just for the HBO content alone.

  • Al

    It doesn’t appear to include any current HBO content like their TMN Go app does.
    I feel a rant coming on about how the TMN Go app can’t be sent to AppleTV via AirPlay (I’ll supress it for now).

  • websnap

    “but does have access to HBO’s past and present library.”

    seems like it does.

  • Al

    Look into Apple TV with Netflix and Hulu (using a U.S. account via unblock-us). It depends where your interests lie. You could also purchase seasons of a few TV shows on AppleTV and still pay less annually than a Bell service.

  • Spiridus

    Don’t worry Bell, Cord Cutters like us don’t want to dish out our money to Blood Sucking Vampires like you. Also, I’m not a TV Lover, as you describe, I’m Obsessed!! We just have better things to put our money towards.

  • Al

    I think that was just Gary misinterpreting information. There is no indication in the actual press releases of “present” shows in the library… just off-air (a.k.a. “cancelled”) shows. Also, if they were showing current shows, they would have heavily features, Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, etc., but current shows like those aren’t mentioned (other than at least one current Canadian show).

    Never trust what you see written in an IPIC article. Always go to the source. Another example… this article says Bell “cable” subscribers (implying “just” cable), but neglects to mention that satellite is included as well.

  • Whoops, updated.

  • David

    This is what I do. Current seasons of shows I really care about from Apple, plus Netflix. Very happy to not be paying for Bell and not interested in returning.

  • FamiGami

    Bell doesn’t offer cable service at all. It’s entirely satellite.

  • FamiGami

    This only proves that Bell doesn’t get it at all. Cord cutters are probably the most obsessed TV consumers, quite the opposite of what Bell contends.

    What they’re inferring is that most people without cable service don’t watch TV at all, which is probably true but those people aren’t cord cutters – they never had a cord to cut in the first place.

    For Crave TV to succeed, Bell NEEDS cord cutters. That’s the whole point of undercutting Netflix.

  • ticky13

    Wrong. Bell Fibe is their cable service and I believe is more popular in the GTA than Rogers cable.

  • Al

    I tend to agree with your point. However, the statement that “Cord cutters are probably the most obsessed TV consumers” is just silly.

  • FamiGami

    Yet Spiridis’ comments, which were left before mine, proves otherwise.

    Binge watching, which is what services like Netflix, Hulu and Crave TV allows, inherently serves an obsessive nature that is denied by weekly delays in broadcast and cable.

    Furthermore Crave TV says it all in the name.

  • FamiGami

    Wrong. Bell Fibe is IPTV, not cable.

  • CMfly

    They had me at HBO until I read
    the entire off-air library of HBO’s iconic programming catalogue, including THE SOPRANOS, THE WIRE, and SEX AND THE CITY;
    off-air 🙁 I knew it was too good to be true. They seem to think I want to watch reruns of many shows The Flash later in 2015 but the show is on now… I want this service but with the latest shows (Hulu).. Close but cigar.

  • Al

    Well, it’s still not “entirely satellite”, numb nuts.

  • Al

    Ok, so a feature of Netflix (etc.) is that you can binge watch, and you have a testimonial from one person that does so. So do you seriously think that means cord cutters are the most obsessed? Well, obviously you do.

    Ok, I’ll “see” you your one testimonial and “raise” you my two kids and 17 of their closer friends, all of whom don’t pay for cable and all of whom rarely watch TV because they have so much else going on in their lives.

  • Watch the personal attacks, AI.

  • FamiGami

    If you read my original comment you’d recognize that your kids and their friends fall into my second paragraph and are not cord cutters at all. The only thing you’ve raised is your ignorance.

  • FamiGami

    It’s numnuts, not numb nuts. Your statement is rather moot isn’t it? I could also say Bell isnt “entirely satellite” by pointing out they offer cellular and landline services.

  • Al

    If you consider traditional TV to be over-the-air signals, then you are wrong (again). “Cord Cutter” refers to not paying for a cable or satellite service.

    One person alone does not make your notion plausible. Seriously dude, grow a brain.

  • Al

    Yet another person who is terrified of ever admitting that they are wrong. You said, “Bell doesn’t offer cable service at all. It’s entirely satellite.” You’re wrong. Flat out wrong. So why on earth are you trying to justify otherwise???

    And it’s numb nuts, as in “numb in the nuts”.

  • Al

    Seriously?! numb nuts? I had a pet squirrel once. I called him numb nuts.

  • It’s not that hard to have a discussion without degrading others’ opinions.

  • FamiGami

    I suggest you learn to read before attempting to argue about things I never said.

    I know very well what cord cutting is, I defined it in my OP. You are agreeing with me. IPTV, cable, satellite and broadcast are all traditional TV. I never said anything to the contrary.

    The comment absolutely makes my statement plausible because the comment supports it. This is called logic.

    You’ve already been warned about insults so watch it. Your resorting to insults merely highlights your inability to debate.

  • FamiGami

    Take out a dictionary at least once before arguing about how to spell a word would you? You’re embarrassing yourself.

    My previous comment was admission I was incorrect in my phrasing, or do I need to spell that out for you too?

  • Al

    I’m debating very clearly. You’re the one not reading, and also backpedaling to save face.

    You did NOT define cord cutters in your OP.

    IPTV, cable, satellite are NOT traditional TV. I’ll say it again… A cord cutter is someone who stops paying for a cable or satellite service. A cord cutter is someone who reverts back to traditional (over-the-air) TV and/or utilizes Internet sources.

  • Al

    It is when the other person is a fucking moron.


  • Al

    I was shouting
    (instead of name-calling)

  • FamiGami

    You may believe you are correct and you may believe that I am back pedalling but the fact is I’m not.

    I’ve recognized that Bell doesn’t exclusively offer satellite TV, no back pedalling there. I’ve recognized what cord cutters are and as I’ve said in my OP, cord cutters can’t be cord cutters of they don’t have a cord to cut in the first place – that’s a definition, not back pedalling.

    Again, I implore you to find a dictionary, read it, then learn some proper etiquette. You’re embarrassing yourself.

  • Al

    “…as I’ve said in my OP, cord cutters can’t be cord cutters of they don’t have a cord to cut in the first place…”

    First… As I keep saying, you’ve never said that in your OP… or ANYWHERE.

    Second… NOT a definition. More of a cryptic repositioning of your stance (back pedalling) in order to not appear “wrong”.

    This is the first time you fully embraced (without back pedalling to a position that you had hoped would allow you to still save face) that Bell isn’t exclusively satellite.

    And thank goodness you finally stopped mentioning your other “plausible” notion because… damn… talk about embarrassing yourself.

    Gary’s probably going to tell me to leave it alone soon, so I’m done.

  • FamiGami

    You’re right, I never said that in my OP… Except during the last sentence of my second paragraph.

    It must be nice being unable to recognize when you’re wrong.

  • Al

    Sorry, you’re right. I got so hung up on the fact that you were still arguing a non-definition, that I missed that.

  • TheRealBrent

    I’m a “TV lover” and I am also a “cord cutter.”. I will not be subscribing to this service.

  • Nicefar Pascall

    i have bell and i pay 134$ for internet and fibe. and trust me the choices are not great. i hate a la carte 15.bell you suck

  • Nancy Reid

    All I want to know is if I have Bell satellite service, high speed internet will I be able to subscribe to CRAVE.?

  • Bluebear

    All I want to know is if I have Bell satellite service, high speed internet will I be able to subscribe to CRAVE.?

  • paul w

    Bell and Rogers both suck get a streaming service that you can get with no catches ill stick with Netflix or anything that doesn’t require me to get xtra services.

  • Winnipeger on a budget

    Most Cord cutters I know have a reason to cut the cord, … but it is not often because they do not watch TV or movies etc….

    For me it was cancel TV and my land line and save $120 per month because my cell/Internet/TV/Homephone was costing me about $225per month …

    As a single person in a lower single income home that amount was just to high…of that savings about $70 was the TV..
    I figured out I only watched about average one program a week on 10 of the 50+ channels in my package and then just watched crappy programs because there was nothing else on…and at certain times of the year even less because there was only reruns or sports…

    now I use Netflix or mirroring from my Ipad to the TV if available ..watching what I want to watch when I want to watch…not what the stupid ratings think I want to watch.

    Now if CRAVE wants to impress me they will stop the stupidity of only offing it to people who already have BELL TV which I am not even sure is available in Manitoba ….because why do people want CRAVE or the other one that came out calle Shomi if they already have TV service and can watch on a TV in the living room and or PVR the programs ………please offer a stand alone service like Netflix or Hulu Plus then you might get me as a customer

  • george bush

    I’m sure Bell ‘gets it.’ They know very well this offering may stem the tide of those who have been thinking about cutting their cable subscription. If they didn’t make this proviso, consider the thousands who would just cut their service and go the Crave route.
    Personally, I’ve cut the cord many moons ago and am happy with Netflix. Crave has little interest to me except, Seinfeld. But this likely means it’s coming to Netflix soon.

  • randyritraj

    Nice to see someone shut up Al for a change!

  • Grant

    Have unblock for netflix, but haven’t been able to figure out the payment from canada piece…any ideas?

  • Grant

    Sorry, i mean payment for Hulu Plus

  • Al

    You can find the info by Googling it. Posting it here probably wouldn’t be allowed.

  • Oops

    Buddy are you going to cry, he is right and you are wrong, I read the entire conversation between both of you, be the bigger man now and kiss his feet and call him Victor!.

  • Sheila

    Yes you will.I have the same services, Bell satellite and high speed wifi and watch Crave tv now for free using an ipad app. Its great i just watched an excellent suspense filled series from Australia Secrets And Lies. At the end of January, Crave TV will be available on my tv too.

  • Glenn

    Pay using US iTunes gift card. You can subscribe using your fake US itunes account.

  • Dovercourtpete

    Cord cutters have access to anything through Torrents, so they are stupid to try and enforce us to subscribe to an outdated mode of transmission. Instead of providing competitive Internet access, they are trying to force people to devolve. It will backfire, people will find a million ways to avoid paying their exorbitant fees

  • Patrick Dunn

    I’m a cord-cutter and I don’t miss the cord one bit! Big smart money saver in my house. Next is my cell phone bill…