Get Bell’s CraveTV Free for Three Months with a Samsung TV Purchase


If you recently purchased a Samsung TV as part of Black Friday or Cyber Monday, there’s a promo available which offers three months free of CraveTV, the streaming media service operated by Bell Media.

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The promo started November 4 and goes until January 31, 2017. Details note the purchase of a “select 2016 Samsung Smart TV” will grant you three months free of CraveTV, which is $24 in value.

Below is a list of eligible models:

Eligible Samsung 2016 SMART TVs:

SUHD TVs: KS9810, KS9800, KS9500, KS9000, KS8500, KS8000
UHD TVs : KU7500, KU7000, JU7100, KU6500, KU6490, KU6300, KU6290, KU6270
LED TVs : K6250, J6300, J6201, J6200, J5500, J5205, J5200, H5202, H4500
Models excluded : J5003, J5000, H5003, J4000, H4000, F4000

Screenshot 2016 12 04 14 58 18

According to users on RFD, serial numbers of older Samsung televisions appear to work, some dating back to 2014 and are not smart models (typical Samsung screw up).

You can enter in your serial number to claim your free three month CraveTV subscription here. Do note a credit card will be required and you will be automatically billed once your trial expires, so beware.


  • Tim

    that’s not much of a deal, spend hundreds of dollars to get something worth $24.

  • Jason

    Especially when your TV explodes within the first month.

  • Shameer Mulji

    “3D TV”

  • Ben

    Be careful. I tried the free month on crave tv past january and i canceled after 3 weeks as the UI was (is?) crap and no subtitle whatsoever, and they charged me anyway. So now i’m trying to,get a refound of 10$ ish for the past 11 month. They keep saying a manager will call me in 2 days for the refound and they never call back. It last for 11 month!! So when they say it’s free… well, it’s a best case scenario.