Bell Fibe the First Canadian TV Service on Apple TV


Canadian carrier Bell has revealed that its Fibe TV application is now available for download on the fourth-generation Apple TV. The application allows subscribers to the service to watch up to 450 channels both live and on demand, according to BCE. Users will have the ability to record, pause, and rewind live TV with the service, which is coming later this year.


“Fibe TV continues to be the fastest growing TV service in Canada because of our constant focus on delivering new and exclusive features and building great partnerships to make television better,” said Rizwan Jamal, President of Bell Residential and Small Business. “Consumers can access Fibe TV through a receiver, on their computer or mobile device, and now, for the first time in Canada, on Apple TV.

For Apple TV 4 owners, the Fibe TV app is prominently highlighted in the ‘Featured’ section of the tvOS App Store. Users will need to sign in with their cable credentials and also be subscribed to an unlimited internet plan to use the service.

You can experience Fibe TV on Apple TV first hand with live demonstrations at Bell stores across Québec and Ontario. Apple TV 4th generation 32 GB is now available at Bell stores in both provinces for $199, and you can also purchase through its website.

The Fibe TV experience also exists with your Apple Watch, while the iOS app can also access up to 450 channels on your mobile devices with the Fibe TV app.

Could we soon see other TV providers in Canada launch their own live TV apps on Apple TV? It would be great to be able to take advantage of single sign-on when it arrives in a future tvOS update, and give hope Canada may get the upcoming TV iOS app from Apple.


  • Thomas Hulbert

    Still defeats the purpose in a way as you do still need Bell Fibe TV subscription. If there was a way to cancel your TV and just have the app, it would be a lot more beneficial to most Canadians I believe.

  • Hussein

    Thomas, I totally agree with you but in my case, I just saved paying $7 monthly for extra receiver as I can now use my apple TV upstairs.

  • bbousquet

    Just watch your monthly bandwidth usage (if you don’t have unlimited) as it can go up quickly…

  • Mario Gaucher

    the thing is, you need the “special” Fibe TV modem to access Fibe TV because this is where all the magic is operating… this is one of the reason why you can have a “dumb” terminal and can still records your shows… all IPTV data is transferred over a “local/private” network between your connection and Bell servers.
    The Apple TV will be just an interface exactly like what the dumb terminal is doing now.

  • Kuroneko

    Just installed the Fibe TV app. Unfortunately “Unlimited Internet Usage” is required to use the app 🙁

  • Kuroneko

    Unfortunately we need “Unlimited Internet Usage” to use the app 🙁

  • Since the App is using Internet, I understand why…. 🙂

  • I think it’s a great first step… Of course, the best would be to have a full package without a Bell subscription .. but baby steps…
    But this feature (as now) can totally replace having to buy more terminal for other TVs. And it was said, that the App will allows before the end of the year to pause, record and rewatch live tv…. so 🙂

    I think it’s a great new feature… but only a start…
    And finally some TV stuffs in Canada for the Apple TV.

  • Thomas Hulbert

    Haha definitely a baby step in the right direction!

  • Eric Van Aerde

    Sounds like it’s not possible to use Fibe without being connected to Bell’s Fibe network then?

  • mh

    Anyone know if you would have access to 4K content when using the apple tv app?

  • Chad Kirby

    Apple TV cannot display 4K content – maybe the next version.

  • Kirk

    Nice… I don’t have Bell Fibe, I have rogers, but this will hopefully force them to follow suit. it’s a great step in the right direction. Come Robbers… your next (yes robbers)!

  • mcfilmmakers

    You have five without unlimited internet? What century are you living in? The whole point of fine is to have faster speeds required to use more bandwidth which exceeds the caps standard with those speeds to begin with (that’s how they make their money)

  • mcfilmmakers

    It never was. Fibe is proprietary, not to be confused with fibre.

  • Riley Freeman

    just use a friends login

  • Glassbase

    Apple TV does not support 4K and the 4K channels don’t even appear in the app

  • Glassbase

    This may not be pro cord cutting but it’s a step in right direction.

    It does require unlimited internet but that’s to be expected since the receivers have dedicated access point and bandwidth, but your Apple TV is on your internet side of setup…

    Their systems are having an issue allowing the streams to start with error “unlimited internet required”, even when you have unlimited. I could not load streams yesterday adternoon, but last night I could, now this morning I cannot.

    Other than that, it’s surprisingly a very good app (when it worked for me last night). Streams load within a second. No pixelation and great quality.

  • Riley Freeman

    well this didnt last long. They are now blocking users not connected on the home network. its stupid when you think of it because you couple use an iphone or ipad and airplay it to apple tv to go around their silly restriction

  • Thanks Riley. Second person to mention this restriction, thanks for the workaround.