Bell Fibe TV for iOS Update Lets You Watch PVR Recordings and More


Bell has updated its Fibe TV iOS app today with new features, with one major addition now allowing customers to watch their PVR recordings within the app.

Also new, for Bell Mobility customers who have subscribed to the Mobile TV add-on, they can now access “over 40 live and on demand channels” within the app, explains Bell.

If you’re addicted to your favourite shows, you can now also set push notifications so you can stay up to date when new episodes are available.

Bell fibe tv ios

The update today appears to have the same iTunes description as an update from June 20, 2017, version 6.0.6918, so today’s release could include bug fixes for the previous update.

The app also supports Alt TV, the company’s live TV anywhere service, which costs $14.95 per month but requires a Bell Internet plan.

Bell Fibe TV requires a Fibe TV subscription and an unlimited Internet usage plan. Recently, the company showed a video tutorial to customers on how to use the Fibe TV app on Apple TV.

Click here to download Bell Fibe TV for iOS in the App Store.


  • LouisDC

    That’s a feature I’ve always wanted with Videotron. Being able to watch my PVR recordings at work during lunchtime would be awesome. Unfortunately their network infrastructure would probably now allow that.

  • Kirk

    Ahem…. Rogers? They need to step their game up and be on Bell’s level.. I say this as a roger’s subscriber who wants this on his Apple TV. Smh.

  • digitalzeros

    important to note that you can’t go back and watch everything currently on your PVR. And when you do record something, it’s only available to watch through the app for a limited period of time. ie: i had recorded the Taboo series and it won’t let me watch it on the app. And now the last episode of GOT is only available for the next 43 days. Still a great feature though but i thought I’d just give a quick FYI

  • ticky13

    The only bad thing about this offering is that you can’t download your recordings to watch offline. That would actually be useful.

  • ticky13

    If you can’t watch a recording within 43 days, that isn’t really Bell’s fault. And recordings made prior to them offering this service aren’t available as they wouldn’t have been uploaded to Bell’s cloud servers which support this feature.

  • digitalzeros

    Not sure where I said it was Bell’s fault but ok. Like I said. Great feature. Just an FYI on some of the limitations which weren’t mentioned. Cheers