Bell, Virgin Mobile Bump Up iPhone 6 Contract Pricing to Match Rogers, Telus


In less than 24 hours after the launch of the iPhone 6, Bell and Virgin Mobile have increased their 2-year contract pricing to fall in line with what we’re seeing from Rogers and Telus.

Here are Bell’s old prices we first told you about last week:

iPhone 6

16GB – $259.95
64GB – $369.95
128GB – $479.95

iPhone 6 Plus

16GB – $369.95
64GB – $479.95
128GB – $589.95

Bell updated their prices last night—check out the minor increases below:

iPhone 6

16GB – $259.95 —> $264.95
64GB – $369.95—> $374.95
128GB – $479.95 —>$484.95

iPhone 6 Plus

16GB – $369.95 —> $374.95
64GB – $479.95 —> $$484.95
128GB – $589.95 —> $594.95

Screenshot 2014 09 20 12 21 36

We were somewhat surprised Bell had debuted contract pricing that was $5 cheaper than Rogers and Telus, when for the most part, the Big 3 follow similar pricing schemes all the time. Looks like Bell read my mind and made sure everything is all good now!

Yesterday, the company stated iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus shipments from Apple were delayed given high demand and low inventory. With this in mind, it didn’t really make sense for Bell to not charge the same as their rivals when everybody and their grandma wants Apple’s newest smartphone.


  • 23

    I paid 374.95 when I picked mine up on launch day at 7am at bestbuy mobile

  • 1His_Nibs1

    No collusion here folks………

  • Tbdharma

    With Bell not having the pricing in line from the start, it makes the big 3 look very unprofessional that they can’t get their crap together before screwing us all. Or was a cruel joke by Rogers & Telus…they sent Bell a fake memo with the wrong pricing…bazinga!!