Bell Launches Sales of LTE iPad mini, iPad with Retina Display


Last week we told you Bell would join TELUS and Rogers in offering sales of LTE version of the iPad mini and Retina iPad. As of this morning, Bell has updated its website to reflect its new tablet offerings from Apple. The following models are available:

  • LTE iPad mini in 16GB/32GB for $459.95/$559.95 (same as Apple)
  • LTE Retina display iPad in 16GB/32GB/64GB for $629.95/$729.95/$829.95 (same as Apple)
Screen Shot 2013 07 31 at 8 55 42 AM

As for data plans for these iPads, the Tablet Flex data plans is available and starts at $5 for 10MB of data. If you exceed 10MB, you automatically move into the $20 for 1GB tier, and if you exceed that you’ll move into the $40 for 5GB level. Data usage over 5GB is charged at $0.015/MB.

Screen Shot 2013 07 31 at 8 57 46 AM

Another option is to opt into a data sharing plan from your iPhone plan for $10/month:

Screen Shot 2013 07 31 at 8 58 31 AM

Again, the sales of iPads at our carriers just make it another way for you to buy an authorized dealer. But of course, don’t forget Apple has its Back to School promo ongoing right now, where iPad purchases will receive a free $50 iTunes gift card. Let us know if you’re going to jump on this.


  • Chrome262

    What a rip off, I mean sure its a good deal by bell standards. But why buy an LTE version of a tablet, when you can hotspot, and there is wifi everywhere? And why buy the 10 bucks a month data sharing when you can hotspot to your phone.

  • adam

    wonder if for 10$ i can enable a second iphone to share my data. i dont a talk plan on my phone. wife does. would be cheaper for us. and i could use skype.

  • Chrome262

    I thought I could, because Rogers allows it, but Fido doesn’t, I have a 6 gig plan, from old promotion, and I wanted to share some of it with my daughter, they wouldn’t allow it, even though we have a family plan. But I think Bell does allow it if you have a big enough data plan, there might be certain restrictions or plan types, like you having a minimum talk plan.

  • Jacques

    Enabling the hotspot on your iPhone to share data with iPad takes a lot of battery. Also, I don’t know where u live or what is your definition of “everywhere”. But from my experience, free wi-fi is almost nowhere. I agree that they are just making more money from the same data one is already paying for, but hey… it still serve a useful purpose.

  • Chrome262

    sure it takes a lot of battery on either device, whether its LTE on the iPad or on the phone. And, even when I travel I find wifi hotspots all around. Now if I lived out in the thunderbay or something I would expect less wifi access but I do live in Toronto, and often don’t travel to anything other then a major city. Hell even when I go to Albuquerque I find wifi. Malls, coffee shops, restaurants, bars they all offer free wifi. But yes, if It was a problem, for either thing then an LTE iPad would be good, and yes it is convenient, my dad has one, and its nice to not have to connect. But they are more in cost, and adds a continual cost to the device.