Bell iPhone 3GS Free On Contract


With Telus and Virgin Mobile reducing the price of the iPhone 3GS, Bell has now done the same.

This week, Bell has discounted the 8GB iPhone 3GS to $0.00 on a 3-year voice and data agreement.

Purchased at a Bell Store

Like Virgin and Telus, Bell is most likely trying to remove all iPhone 3GS inventory as fast as possible with a possible new iPhone coming soon.

If you are looking for an iPhone 3GS and a good price, and do not care much for the iPhone 4, then check out the iPhone 3GS from Bell:

  • iPhone 3GS 8GB Black (on contract): $0.00 (was $49.00; $50 price drop)
  • iPhone 3GS 8GB Black (without contract): $549.00 (locked to Bell)

All new iPhone 3GS units already have iOS 4.0 or later preloaded, so the device is ready to go out of the box.


Purchased at an Apple Store

Users who purchase the 8GB iPhone 3GS outright (no contract) at $549 from an Apple Store will have the device unlocked. Users who purchase the 8GB iPhone 3GS on contract for $49 from an Apple Store will have the device locked to Bell (just as if you bought the device at Bell for $0). The $50 discount seems to be a Bell store promotion at this time and does not apply to Apple Store purchases.

Customers purchasing at an Apple Store will receive a Bell SIM card in-store when purchasing on contract, or will get to choose any carrier SIM card if purchased outright.



  • China Unicom today will begin offering customers the option of a contract-free iPhone 3GS. Meanwhile, Mac OS X 10.6.6 will be capable of searching the Mac App Store for apps to open unsupported file types. And Apple has launched iCal alerts on