Bell iPhone 4S Pre-Orders Live With Prices Starting at $159


Bell has been mum on their iPhone 4S plans, but it now appears their pre-order page is now live:

Prices are (as predicted) the same as Telus for three year contracts:

16GB – $159
32GB – $269
64GB – $369

Models are available in either black or white. Let us know how your pre-order experience goes!


  • I’m freaking out over here because pre-existing Bell customers can’t use the online pre-order, they have to call. And the call centre doesn’t open until 8am (I think!). At least it says they’ve “set aside” phones for pre-existing customers.

  • Uma

    do Bell customers have to pay a $40 dollar reservation fee like the one imposed by Rogers? 

  • Poochi

    You guys getting the same price listed above doing HUP? Assumed you upgraded to iPhone 4 last year.

  • I’m eligible for an upgrade on my phone, so I think it should be $159/$269 pricing for me.

  • Gabe

    I’m on with Bell now to order as an existing customer.  So far, 4 transfers and still not at the right person!

  • Gummysock

    I’m being told by a bell rep that they don’t accept pre-orders over the phone and that I have to go into a store for that. Can anyone confirm that ? 

  • Gummysock

    What department would the right person be ? 

  • I’m having the same problem! At least I’m not alone. The first person I talked to had no idea what I was talking about. I’m on hold now with “Customer Loyalty” or something like that…

  • Existing Bell Mobility customers have to call to pre-order; I think everyone else has to use the web portal.

  • Gummysock

    I am an existing customer and I’m being told they’re not taking pre-orders over the phone.

  • Don’t take that for an answer; the website CLEARLY says that existing customers have phones “set aside for them” and to call in.

  • easterner

    From the east coast, I finally managed to order directly from Apple’s web site. At 4 AM nothing worked. After a while I went to bed and tried again later. Finally got it around 9 AM. They seem to be awfully busy for a phone nobody wants… 

  • Gabe

    I just did my pre order on the phone as an existing customer.  They said I must be one of the first.  Very good plan, they offered me.  At least, better than my current iPhone plan.  This is in Ontario.

  • Gummysock

    Thanks Keith! Took a long time but finally got it done. I think I was on hold for a good 25 minutes until I got the right person.

  • preordered through Bell… but i want it NOW!

  • Anonymous

    Alberta. What a mess. was up at 1:00 MST. spent an hour with no luck. Called Customer service right at 800 and they were given no instruction whatsoever. it is 826 right now and he just figured out what to do i am on hold again waiting to be transferred to the “solutions department”. 
    the rep is really nice about it but he has no idea what to do because noone told him anything.

  • Anonymous

    Update to my comment: The “solutions department” was great! had to wait a while to get them but he offered what i think is a great deal without me asking for it: Fab 10, 200 min, 7am to 6pm, unltd text, 6GB, free call display and voicemail, and a 10% DISC. i would ask for this department.

  • CanadianCrux

    Tried to to pre-order, but apparently the online is only for new customers, existing customer must go to a Bell store. I’m heading there after work.

  • Howardck

    Still nothing up on the Fido site. My 3G contract is just about to expire and I’m very eager to see what my 4S options are.

  • Otawong

    Over an hour on hold to get through this morning.  It took awhile, but apparently it’s all good.  Renewed contract and subsidized price of the phone just get charged to your next bill.  Sweeeeeeet.  Ship this baby already.

  • You’ve been misled, sir. You can order it over the phone for pre-existing customers. Ask for the “solutions” or “customer loyalty” department.

  • CanadianCrux

    Thanks. I went to the Bell store and and they I had to pre-order online…

  • “Siri, where can I pre-order an iPhone 4S from Bell?”

  • Reid

    Preordered the iPhone 4S by phone.
    Should I expect to get an email from Bell? And how is my iPhone going to arrive? (sim card in, or do I have to install it?)

  • ABwon

    I`m a new customer of Bell living in Alberta and pre-ordered iphone 4S on the Bell website. It was very easy and simple. All I need to do is just clicking icons, paying it with the credit card.  Previously I went to Bell stores and they said that I need to order it on online not at the shop.

  • Test

    Anyone know the requirments to get subsidized prices?