Bell iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c Pricing Revealed for 2 Year Terms


Bell has updated its website reveal its iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c contract pricing and outright contract-free pricing. Compared to Rogers’ no term pricing which was revealed earlier today, Bell’s prices are higher across the board (increases indicated below).

Bell iPhone 5s Pricing:

  • 16 GB – $229.95 (2 year term)
  • 32 GB – $329.95 (2 year term)
  • 64 GB – $429.95 (2 year term)
  • 16 GB – $729.95 (No term); +$10.95 vs Rogers; $719 from Apple (unlocked)
  • 32 GB – $839.95 (No term); +$20.95 vs Rogers; $819 from Apple (unlocked)
  • 64 GB – $959.95 (No term); +$40.95 vs Rogers; $919 from Apple (unlocked)

Bell iPhone 5c pricing:

  • 16 GB – $129.95 (2 year term)
  • 32 GB – $229.95 (2 year term)
  • 16 GB – $619.95 (No term); +$20.95 vs Rogers; $599 from Apple (unlocked)
  • 32 GB – $729.95 (No term); +$10.95 vs Rogers; $719 from Apple (unlocked)

The upcoming 8GB iPhone 4S will be $0 on two year terms and $449.50 outright.

Screen Shot 2013 09 13 at 11 20 16 PM

Earlier today, Bell confirmed with us via email it will not offer iPhone 5c pre-orders; customers can still get pre-orders at their local Bell dealer, such as Future Shop or Best Buy. Next up, we should hear from TELUS shortly and most likely see similar pricing.

Thanks Denis!


  • Harold Mitchell

    Geez…this just further reinforces my thought that I have to keep my legacy $65.00 plan and buy any device outright

  • Dustin

    Who in their right mind would buy an unlocked phone from a carrier for more money, with zero benefit?!

  • Erik Kappel

    I have a good amount of fido dollars and a plan I would have to give up if I get a subsidized iphone :/ so there are reasons… Not that I’m thrilled about it.

    Edit: As a matter of fact I’m considering hanging on to my iPhone 4 another year, in hopes the wireless market miraculously gets better :/

  • floydstyle

    I’m with you on this, if only plans would be cheaper bringing your own phone, which is not the case. It doesn’t make sense to buy an unlock full priced iPhone

  • Stark

    Looks like you’re going to be hanging onto that iPhone 4 for a lot more than a year, haha.

  • Stark

    If you want to have the freedom of switching carriers whenever you want, or if you want to use a different sim card for traveling to the states. Also makes it easier to sell.

  • Bboy

    You get 20$ off per month on a bell plan of you bring your unlocked phone…

  • Alan Sheppard

    I asked a Bell dealer today, we are not on a contract, if I could upgrade my 16gb iPhone 4 and he said I could really do well. Since I am not on a contract and using my phones (my wife and I) we are paying extra $20 a piece for that ability. If we stepped up into a 5s we would lose our $20 saving but it would be applied to the 5s and eventually should we upgrade the $20 plus will be aplieds to the new iPhone to reduce the buyout. He said it was because of the new Canadian law. It seems that I could end mine now and only have to pay $329 for the iPhone 5s I would be now using, DOES this make sense?! Obviously my 16 GB is full before I started. Anyone please let me know what I am able to do as what I was told it was too god to be true. I indicated that to the salesman and he said it sounded that way but it is true!!!!!.

    Thanks – Alan