Bell Says iPhone 6 Plus Pre-Orders to “Resume Shortly”, Offers Free Gift for Delay


Canadian carriers have been waiting patiently for Apple to send more iPhone 6 Plus stock so users that made online reservations can finally get their phones.

Bell has notified customers “Apple has informed us that deliveries to Canadian service providers are currently delayed and are expected to resume shortly. We will get your phone to you as soon as possible.”

Bell iphone 6 plus

To compensate for the inconvenience, the carrier will be sending customers a free PureGear Car Charger to use with their new iPhone 6 Plus. Nice touch.

During iPhone 6 Plus pre-orders, Bell noted they were experiencing “strong demand” for the device, and like other Canadian carriers there has been a shortage of the larger iPhone.

Still waiting for your ‘Big 3’ iPhone 6 Plus reservation? If you have an Apple Store in your city, my advice is to follow this live reservations tracker and see if you can reserve a carrier device here simultaneously.

Thanks Joey!


  • neil belanger

    hi any news on northern tell ?

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  • Nothing yet, but right now I would assume everybody is waiting for the 6 Plus.

  • Tom

    What? Who owns a car anymore? How about a free case+screen protector combo? Or an extra wall charger+lightning cable combo? Or 4900 Clash of Clans gems?

  • neodragon

    I’m still waiting for a regular 6 that I ordered from a Telus retailer on Sept 12th!

  • Jay

    Pre-ordered iphone 6 plus on day one. still 1700 psotion in line for rogers reservation -_-

  • Garret

    If I were you I’d order online at Telus I ordered a gold 64gb 6 in early October and it was shipped to my house in just under 2 weeks

  • WatDah

    Telus probably got the car chargers for free.

  • pascyyy

    I ordered a 64GB 6 in black on September 25th through the Rogers Corporate reservations. Started at position 2000+ and then a couple of weeks ago, it was dropping by a couple of hundred a day. Last week it stalled at around 350. As of right now, I’m 344. The interesting bit though is that the number of people behind me is going up.

    Went to the store a couple of times and they have plenty of 16GB, but none of the others.

  • neil belanger

    only iphone 6 plus in 16 gb and black 64 i want a silver 64:(