Bell iPhone 6 Plus Hits 6-8 Week Shipping Delay, iPhone 6 Now 1-2 Weeks [u]


Bell has informed us of an update to their iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus stock. According to information the company has received from Apple, the iPhone 6 Plus is now “expected to ship within 6-8 weeks”, while the iPhone 6 is slated for a shipping time of 1-2 weeks, as stated on their website:

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Clearly, demand has been heavy for these new iPhones, in particular the 6 Plus, which most retail stores have sold out of. Apple’s online store is showing expected shipping times of 3-4 weeks for 6 Plus models.

As of now, many are still waiting in line outside Apple Stores across Canada to get their hands on an iPhone 6. Happy waiting…

Did you get your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus from Bell yet?

Update: Check your Bell iPhone 6 order status here at this link.


  • Bryan Simmons

    Nope. Feels like I keep getting the runaround from Bell reps too

  • Chrome262

    Friend just got his today in the mail from Telus. They seem to have their act together

  • Tom Fenske

    Is the slated shipping time for orders placed today or for preorders? I’m “in the queue” on the website but nothing has shown up yet.

  • Leander

    Went to the local Bell store. They had 2 128 Gb iPhone 6’s. That’s it.

  • I’m still waiting on mine. Haven’t got a single update from Rogers.

  • Shameer Mulji

    these are shipping times if ordered today.

  • Jabroni

    Pre ordered mine picked up at bell store at 930 am happy customer.

  • John

    Walked into Telus around 10am this morning at the mall and they had plenty in stock to purchase, whereas Rogers had still not received their shipment from corporate.

  • Adam

    It’s outrageous that they have none in stock at all. Why take pre-orders at all (especially when you make customers pay up front) if you have no clue what sort of stock you will have? I put my name on a waiting list with Wireless Wave if they get any 6+ in stock. I pre-ordered on the 12th from a Bell Store and it’s ludicrous to me that I can buy one as a walk-in from another dealer before I get mine from Bell. Silliness!

  • Adam

    I asked Bell Support about mine through Twitter and they told me to allow 6-8 weeks (for the 6+). I am hoping this is just a stock answer, though, because my phone was pre-ordered on the 12th as well.

  • BeaveVillage

    6-8 weeks. That’s December 2014 folks. We’re going to get our new Pluses just before Christmas.

    Frack you Apple for:

    1) Making two sizes of phone when one size fits all has been Apples slogan for years.
    2) Not making enough Pluses when YOU KNEW people wanted the larger size.
    3) The Plus isn’t even 2560×1440, it’s a paltry 1920×1080. What’s the point? 4K phones are already coming out from your competition and you boast about image quality yet you’re still on the 1080p train. Unacceptable!
    4) Even taking pre-orders of the 6 Plus when it doesn’t even exist yet.
    5) Enslaving 200,000 Chinese when you could have built manufacturing plants in these United States and hired 200,000 Americans, and still afforded the pay rates with your overloaded coffers.

  • JfromC

    I felt like a crazy setting the alarm to get up at 3am to pre-order.. but after seeing all the lineups and people standing outside in the cold all night just to get one. I no longer feel crazy. 😛 Preorder was delivered at 11:45am to my office. Nice and simple and no having to take time from work.

  • Bryan Simmons

    This isn’t what I was told

  • Adam Seward

    I Pre-ordered mine on the 12th as well….I seriously hope it’s not 6 weeks!

  • Tom Fenske

    Did you preorder from Bell or Apple?

  • Marcel

    Did Bell tell you they would ship your iPhone today? I tried cancelling my order they said I can’t since it will ship tonight.

  • Tom Fenske

    Nope, I haven’t heard anything about a ship time. If you heard they’d ship tonight – that’s a good sign.

  • Jon

    I was number 2 on the Rogers wait list for the 6+ Grey 64GB. The store got a shipment of 6 in today, but no 6+. No word on when they expect them to arrive.

  • Tom Fenske

    Just spoke online via chat with a Bell rep. They said that the posted shipping times on the site are for NEW ORDERS placed from today. Preorders should arrive sometime next week. Those of us who were early in the line – let’s cross our fingers and hope it’s Monday!

  • rempac

    I did my pre-order with rogers last week, my number 134 on the list for iphone 16g and I did not have my phone today due to lack of stock

  • Chris Carabott

    I believe this is for new orders. I spoke to a Bell representative in store today and they are expected weekly restocks. They even mentioned that the Plus isn’t undershipped, it’s just so high in demand over the regular 6 model. They’re confident that if you ordered in the first weekend you should get it in the first couple of weeks. I did order one directly from the Apple Store, just in case. They tend to bump up release dates a lot since they get stock directly.

  • Chris Carabott

    That’s really good news for you and for anyone else who ordered day 1.

  • Bob

    Pre-ordered my 64G 6 (Slate Grey) on the morning of launch day. Received an email Thursday night with the shipping information. It arrived just after lunch today.

  • Annoyed

    I pre-ordered on the 12th. The website says “Order status
    Your iPhone is in the order queue. We expect to receive weekly shipments from Apple, so please check back regularly for updates. We will advise you as soon as your phone arrives.”

    Really why take pre-orders if your going to divert your inventory to new subscribers and not honour your existing customers after charging them in full for the pre-orders.

  • Guest

    Has anybody that ordered their phone in store recieved them? If so how were you notified?

  • Chris Carabott

    I was in a Bell store yesterday afternoon. They had plenty of 6s in stock. Apparently the 6 Plus has huge demand though.

  • Torontobellcustomer

    I preordered from the Eaton centre(Toronto) Bell store and they said they didn’t receive any 6 pluses on launch day. 🙁

  • RJ Trumbley

    Did you hear anymore from Bell today? I was told something similar on Friday afternoon and they did confirm I was in the initial shipment when it’s sent.

  • Marcel

    Nothing yet. I’m guessing since it is the weekend no updates will be shown until Monday. If nothing shows up, cancelling the order and heading to my local Bell store which still have iPhone 6s in stock.

  • Bryan Simmons

    Strange, as I was told the exact opposite, that all orders placed, regardless of if they were on the 12th or the 19th, had the same ship date. As well, judging by comments I saw on Twitter, seems like different Bell reps are all giving out different responses. So essentially it seems like they really don’t know, and are just trying to appease customers, but going about it the wrong way. Regardless, I think this solidifies my decision to let this contract run its course and then switch carriers.

  • Marcel

    I’m cancelling order my today when the offices open. I tried cancelling the order Friday afternoon they said I can’t since it will ship on Friday night. No status was updated to verify what the rep said. I will be cancelling the order and picking one up from my local Bell store. I totally agree with what you said. Each rep gives different info. There is no single answer. Hopefully I will be able to cancel today.

  • Annoyed

    Really Bell – “Based on the latest shipment information from Apple your phone is expected to ship within 4 Weeks.”
    What would it say if I didn’t preorder on Sep. 12th ?

  • Paul

    Ordered online with Bell both a 6 and a 6+ at 06:30 on the 12th. This morning received shipping notices for both, originating from Missisuaga via CP Xpresspost. Both grey 64GB models

  • Tom Fenske

    Just got my shipping notice for my 6 64GB in Grey from Bell. Should be hear in no later than 2 days! Anyone else get a notice today?

  • Rami

    My order status says now. Based on the latest shipment information from Apple your phone is expected to ship within 4 Weeks. is that good

  • Annoyed

    64 GB 6 Plus – Preorderd morning of the 12th :
    “Based on the latest shipment information from Apple your phone is expected to ship within 4 Weeks.”

  • Rami

    My order status from Bell now says and was updated spetember 22nd 2014 at 11:06am. Based on the latest shipment information from Apple your phone is expected to ship within 4 Weeks. is that good or bad news

  • StillWaiting

    Pre-ordered a iPhone 6 16GB in-store last Saturday and still my status shows “in order queue”. Debating on trying a Future Shop or Best buy, however I was told at bell they would honour my plan (though I am not convinced this will be the case) and I doubt Best Buy or Future Shop would give me this offer.

  • Bryan Simmons

    If it’s a 6 Plus, that’s not bad. If it’s a 6 then that really sucks. My order still says queuing

  • Rami

    Its a 6 Plus 128GB Silver thats what i pre-ordered not 6

  • Marcel

    Got my tracking number! I’m so glad I did not have to go through cancelling my order. Seems like it will arrive tomorrow! Can’t wait!

  • Bryan Simmons

    I got my tracking number as well. Still only says shipping label recieved, but hey, at least there’s progress.

  • Deeder

    I ordered mine on the 14th but says its a 4 week wait….. I really don’t understand the point of pre ordering if it’s this much of a wait…. I’m debating cancelling my order now too and going to an apple store…..

  • Deeder

    And after waiting a solid half hour to speak with someone on the phone…I find out I won’t be receiving my 6+ til mid October…

  • David White

    same info I got. poor planning but what do you expect.

  • Johnny

    Complete preorder fail on Bell’s part. They take full payments as opposed to Roger’s $40 reservation fee, and then claim that they’ll ship it on the 19th and to allow 5-7 business days for delivery.

    Where as US carriers, the Apple store and Telus started shipping out iPhones before launch day to be delivered on the 19th.

    Buy I’ve come to terms with that. What I cannot comprehend is how incompetent Bell’s client care personnel is. Each person I’ve talked to either doesn’t have a clue on how to track an order, or is given a script on what to say to try and keep all of us from canceling our order.

  • Tony

    I ordered in store the 12th as soon as the store opened. status still shows in order queue. Thinking of cancelling and getting it at Futureshop. Bell failed miserably at this leading us to believe they had the phones. Sooo frustrating!

  • Tawna

    Bell has dropped the ball big time on this one. I pre-ordered in store on Sept 12. The status page hasn’t been updated since Friday. I called the store, the 1-888 number, and chatted with online support today – NO ONE can tell me when to expect my phone or even a rough estimate. I was expecting delays because of demand – but to have already paid the full amount for a product to have the supplier NOT be able to tell you when you might receive it…that’s beyond crap.

  • Tawna

    Same runaround here…it’s beyond frustrating and I’m going in to cancel my preorder tomorrow morning.

  • Andrea

    Bell itself doesn’t know anything. A bell rep at the bell store told me everyone who preordered it in the 12rh should have it by this week. Online I was told could take 4-5 for preorders and 6-8 for new orders. Anyhow I ordered my phone on the 12th at 8 pm and got the shipping notice last night. I’m suppose to get it tomorrow so I’m happy I waited less then a week

  • Andrea

    Apparently u can’t cancel. You have to simply refuse it when they ship it to you and then takes 2 weeks to get reimbursed on your bill if you want it back in your credit card takes another 6 weeks. On a positive note I ordered my phone on the 12 the at night and it just got shipped last night

  • Andrea

    My 64gb silver is in it’s way

  • Andrea

    My 64gb silver 6 plus just got shipped yesterday I think it depends what color you want on how long you wait. I know a lot are buying g the gold ones so for those people j think the wait will be longer

  • Andrea

    Got my shipping order last night. It’s in route to me will have it tomorrow

  • Fred

    Did you order a 6 or a 6 plus?

  • Andrea

    6 plus 64gb silver.

  • Andrea

    But when did you order yours? Some ppl who ordered it a day later got a message that it will be 4 weeks. It’s funny cause I got an email with the shipping details but on that check your iphone status page it still says I’m in queue lol

  • Stella

    My status is saying it will arrive in store within 1-3 business days, but it’s supposed to be delivered to my address….has anyone else received this msg??

  • rob

    I pre-ordered on Sept 13 was told it would be available on the 19th.As we all know this did not happen.As of yesterday no one at Bell could give me a date or even a guess of when it would be available very disappointing considering that I paid the full amount for it.Just opened an e-mail from bell my i phone 6 plus will be available for pick-up tomorrow after 6 surprise surprise they came through

  • Wig

    I just check the bell Site this morning and it told me within 4 weeks ( I ordered on the 13th) wow this is ridiculous but at least they are giving me a timeline ( look at the positive I guess

  • Bellbull

    did you receive your 6 plus from store?

  • Johnny

    Another update;

    After speaking to bell and being assured it would ship this week I see the tracker show 3-5 days before being shipped out, just an estimate.

  • B

    I’m waiting 3 – 4 weeks 64gb gold 6 plus … ordered it on the 15th in store

  • Bellbull

    where did you speak? in-store rep or corporate customer care?

  • Johnny

    I spoke to Sales in client care. Both phones arrived but get this: they shipped an iphone 6 instead of the iphone 6+ I orders and paid for. So I asked them how long to correct “their” mistake and send me my 6+, and I was told 6-10 weeks.

    So they messed up on the preorder and now they’re in short supply and they expect me to stick around. I told them to go f**** themselves and that they can expect to receive both devices in the next week. I demanded an immediate refund but again Bell being Bell they refuse such action until they are in possession of both devices, who knows how long that’ll be

  • Johnny

    Don’t be fooled by that tracker. They told me another 3-5 days but it showed up that same day, but more importantly, they sent a 6 instead of a 6+. #byebyebell

  • BellBull

    This is crazy
    Bell store called me yesterday and asked me if I wanted 6 (I have a 6+ on pre order) I told them to call me when they get my 6 +, he says that could be another 6 weeks….whats the point of tracking if they are not even handing out the correct phone

  • Mikel

    4 weeks? When is the exact day and time you pre ordered your iphone6 if you dont mind me asking? Isnt ths crazy

  • Mikel

    I walkin into telus at launch day and all they had was regular iphone6 and many of them however not 1 iphone6 plus . I then ordered an iphone 6 plus 64GB silver on Lainch day which I believe was Friday Sept 19th and was told 3 weeks it would arrive And that day inchecked online at apples store and 3weeks was the norm on Sept 19th Im thinking that everyone that is saying thier Iphone6+ will arrive in4-6 weeks orderd their iphone 6+ after Sept 19th or perhaps provoders like “Bell” are taking A bit longer? Im not holding my hopes up that it will be 3 weeks but I can definetly believe 4 weeks for sure Is Bell behind telus for the iphone6plus?

  • Mikel

    Which store Bell or Telus ? I was inexeperiemced and although i have a iphone5 Which i pur hased abput 8months after its release, i never tryed to purchase an iphone on release day. So i went out on release day to purchase the Iphone 6 plus The date was Friday Sept 19th I first went to koodo and all is they had were many iphone6 in stock but no iphone 6 plus,and with no word on when they will get them and no pre order for them . The two workers rold me to go to a cell phone store in the mall called “Jump+” these guys in some way are affiliated with Apple. Anyway they only had the regular iPhone 6 4.7 inch in stock,and if I wanted the iPhone 6+ I Had a choice of Three providers from what I remember. “Bell,Virgin mobile and Telus, well I ended up purchasing an iPhone 6+ from provider Telus (Silver iPhone 6Plus64 GB)The sales rep specifically told me three weeks,I even looked on the computer screen myself and it said three weeks to deliver Now I’ve been hearing that Bell has a longer wait even on that day I purchased my iPhone 6+ Now is this a rumour or correct? Has anyone purchased an iPhone 6+ from Telus around 25th or 26? As I’m curious to find out what the wait time would be? Because I didn’t go directly to talus and the phone will not be shipped to my home I cannot track the info as it is going to the cell phone store “jump plus,which I might add the service is amazing very good service!!they actually enjoy talking to you and answering questions while giving you free coffee and donuts! Anyway just really interested and curious of what’s going on!Please write me if you received your iPhone 6+ and tell me how you got it it’s very interesting to me I feel like a kid on Christmas unbelievablelol cheers!

  • Rami

    I pre-ordered at bell store and its for pick-up and i got the message saying Order status will ship and expected to ship 3-4 weeks a s said that and was updated on September 24 and i pre ordered September 12 9:13pm when it was finshed orsering at Bell store and its 6 plus 128GB silver

  • Dave

    Have you received your iPhone 6 plus yet? I preordered on September 12 and am still waiting. I ordered the space grey 128 gig

  • BellSucks

    I ordered my iphone 6 64 gbs on September 12 and was told it would ship in 1-2 weeks. I have seen neither hide nore hair of my new iphone, which Bell now tells me is on backorder for a few more weeks (exact shipment date is still TBC).
    I have friends who ordered their phones on September 12th as well; they recived theirs weeks ago. What a sham. Maybe Apple just hates bell?

  • James

    It’s the same for every provider fido same thing Rogers is not calling when phones come in waiting lists people that are at 1000 and people at 300 getting calls employees are selling to friends the pre orders sure same thing at bell.

  • MP66

    I know that this will not help anyone who is waiting for an iPhone, 🙁 but in case anyone comes here looking for an idea of how long it will take…I strongly advise ordering online from Bell. (I did this on the advice of someone from a Bell store). I ordered a 64gb 6 Plus in space grey on Thursday Oct 16th in the afternoon, and received it on Mon the 20th in the morning. This may have been a complete fluke (and apologies to those who have been waiting a long time and still have not received theirs), but it seems as though Bell may be fulfilling online orders faster than retail store orders.

  • Stefan

    Just spoke with the rep i pre ordered the iphone 6+ from 2 months ago (originally said 2 weeks delivery time) and now hes saying they have “NO IDEA” when the phones will arrive and that they have not received any iphone 6+’s from apple as of yet. Talk about misleading the customer! I’ve got a small business account with Bell and feel like pulling the entire thing from them! In the meantime my employees are running around with half-broken iphone 5’s and Bell doesn’t seem to want to give me ANY compensation! Has anyone actually received one yet?