Bell, SaskTel Increase iPhone 6 Prices, Now Starting at $348.95 on Contract

Last month Apple increased iPhone 6 prices in Canada due to our lower Canadian dollar, which subsequently saw Rogers and Fido do the same to reflect the change.

Bell and Virgin has now similarly raised prices as expected, with the entry 16GB iPhone 6 now starting at $348.95 (5 cents more on Virgin) on a 2-year contract, while the iPhone 6 Plus starts at $478.95. The iPhone 5s now starts at $228.95.

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Below are the price changes we’re seeing from Rogers and Bell
iPhone 6 on 2 year contract (Apple’s prices increased by $90/$110/$130)
  • 16GB: $264.99 —> $348.99 (+$84)
  • 64GB: $374.99 —> $478.99 (+$104)
  • 128GB: $484.99 —> $598.99 (+$114)

iPhone 6 Plus on 2-year contract (Apple’s prices increased by $110/$130/$150)

  • 16GB: $374.99 —> $478.99 (+$104)
  • 64GB: $484.99 —> $598.99 (+$114)
  • 128GB: $594.99 —> $728.99 (+$134)

A quick check of other Canadian carriers shows SaskTel has similarly raised their prices too (similarly starting at $349.99 on contract for the entry iPhone 6), while TELUS remains the lone holdout from the ‘Big 3’. By the way, this is not an April Fool’s Day joke, for those wondering!

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  • Matric

    What were the old prices?

  • Matric

    Checking the Telus site this is pretty much a 100.00 increase … what a rip! I mean i know the dollar is a little lower but it doesn’t justify that kinda of pricing.

  • MrXax


  • JulieJ

    Is this legal?!?!?!!

  • Approved

  • johnnygoodface

    the problem is that even when the $CAN will (eventually) go back up again, I’m pretty sure the prices will stick… D…n $CAN !! BTW Telus Quebec hasn’t raised its pricing yet…