Bell iPhone Has Arrived In Canada!


It is November 4, 2009 and the Bell iPhone has officially launched in Canada! Head down to your local Bell or Apple Store for all the launch day awesomeness. Stores will be busy so try to go early or hit up obscure Bell dealers in the outskirts of town!

Remember, if you book an appointment online at, you will be guaranteed an iPhone 3GS will be waiting for you at your local Apple Store. For step by step reservation instructions, see here.

Below are links for information regarding the Bell HSPA+ network and the iPhone plans, which were reported first exclusively by See the links below:

HSPA+ Network announcement

Bell to launch the iPhone in Canada announcement

Bell Network developments for Saskatchewan

Bell Coverage maps

Bell iPhone Price Plans

Bell Confirms November 4 iPhone launch date

Will you be buying an iPhone 3GS from Bell? Are you an existing customer, or have you just switched over from Rogers/Fido/Telus?


Update (11/04/09-09:15am PST):

Front of the Bell Store. Store opens at 10AM. By comparison, Rogers stores opened last year 1-2 hours early.

Update (11/04/09-09:30am PST):

Oh! Looks like the long lines are beginning to…err….


  • SpeedRacer99

    If you are an existing customer even 2 years into a 3 year deal, the only way you will get an iphone is to pay full rate $699/$799. There are ZERO deals for existing customers.

    Bell should offer some kind of deal. OK so maybe I cannot get it for $299, but do not try and make me pay $799! Bell throw your existing customers a bone or Hello Rogers/Fido for all my services!!

  • Yikes that's pretty bad. Even if you renew, no deals?

  • Lee

    Telus at least gives $150 off

  • diamondmike

    Thats sucks… My contract is up in Dec. I was hoping for at least $50 off the phone on a 3 year deal since the rate plans look good.

  • Dusty

    Go Go Go before there gone! πŸ˜›

  • Lee

    Just walked by the Bell store in the beaches here, a whole one person was inside!

  • Albert

    Since Bell uses a SIM car now, can I get an unlocked iPhone and put their new SIM card in for it to work?

  • Flaxx

    Yup. But they'll probably charge you something silly like $30 for the SIM card.

  • beavisuar

    if my iphone 3g is unlocked, can i use it on bell or telus? do they use simcards for the new network?

  • beavsiaur

    oops i missed the post right above mine. lol

  • BellHater

    My blood is boiling! I was told I can either pay $800 for an iPhone upgrade from my existing BlackBerryCurve, even though I'm two years into my three-year contract! They basically told me it'd be cheaper to pay $400 to cancel my contract with them and switch providers (and get it for $99), then to upgrade my phone. After waiting so long for Bell to come out with the iPhone, I'm seriously distressed by this! BELL SUCKS!!!

  • Haha. Maybe people are waiting for Telus!

  • hugo

    Same just happened to me. Im 1 year in my 3 year contract. I went there telling them “I will buy it full price, just add me a data plan on mu current voice plan”

    They could not do it !@!@#@#!!! So not only I would had to pay full price, but also get a crappy plan for 3 years!! Whats the point !

  • oneil

    why can't you buy the phone outright then add data to your existing plan

  • nbrunner

    I am 2 years into a 3 year deal with Telus and they have already given me the okay to get the iphone at $299 for the 3GS. Don't speak to the first person but ask to go up one level and speak to them.
    Good luck.

  • BellHater

    So it's actually cheaper for me to cancel my contract with Bell ($400), re-sign a contract with Bell for three years to get the iPhone ($400 cancellation, plus $199 – $699 total), than it is to buy it outright at this point for $799. My options are to wait a year to be eligible for an upgrade, and the upgrade is a whopping $100 off the purchase price. So I can wait a year to get it for $699 – the same price I would pay today if I canceled and re-signed up for three years.

  • oneil

    16 or 32gigs

  • goomba66

    They keep telling at the retention department, that they can't do anything for me until TELUS officially releases the rate plan details and even then they probably won't be able to give me a upgrade offer besides the $150 credit. I'm almost 2 years into a 3 year contract.

  • nbrunner


  • goomba66

    Were you talking to the retention department? Any advice on what you said to get the offer?

  • salc_75

    actually, has the SIM for $5.00 'without a contract'.

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  • will

    Bell will not offer you any kind of deal ! they sux ! when i was on bell it was the worst nightmare ever

  • will

    Its too late for bell ! no ones want to be with this carrier

  • nbrunner

    I found sobbing helps. Just kidding. I told them that I was a long time customer and had always signed 3 year contracts and was planning on remaining with them because of the great service, blah, blah, bs stuff.

  • hendextall

    My contract was up in Dec and I had no problems. Just said I wanted to upgrade and extend contract. I got the phone for $199 and changed to the new iphone data plan

  • goomba66

    Thanks for the info. They still won't budge on their offer to me, basically matching my costs to cancel and go elsewhere to get promotional… not really giving me any incentive to stay with Telus.

  • hugo

    Yep . I cant believe they cant do math.

    CANCELLATION + new iphone is 599
    phone only is 699

    How can they even think someone will take that offer from them. Im giving my contrct to someone else and im going anywhere but bell

  • G-Money

    Yup, I went through this a week ago. I called Bell to talk about renewing (I'm 14 months into a 3 year contract), and they told me that there was no possible discount for me, so I told the CSR I'd be better off buying out of my contract and going to Rogers, and she said “You could always do that and re-sign with Bell”.

    I switched to Rogers last weekend to get my iPhone, and I couldn't be happier. I still have a BBerry Curve on a wicked student plan that I'm trying to give away to someone, so hopefully I can come out of this relatively scott-free.

  • BradM

    They make you switch to their special “iphone” price plans…… You might as well bend over the moment you walk in the store if you want an iphone.

  • Alana

    Bell is totally ridiculous. I have been a long time customer which really doesn't seem to make a difference. I called them today for some information about adding a data plan to my existing voice plan. The CSR told me that this would not be possible. That I would have to get rid of my existing plans and take on of their new crappy plans. I explained to her that I had a great plan and that i didn't want to switch. Nothing she could do. She said if i wanted a blackberry i could add a data plan to my existing plan for $35 . . . but i want an iPhone. On top of that she explained to me that because my contract ends in 2011 i would have to pay full price for the phone!!!! Great plan BELL! Let me get rid of my great plan for one of your new crappy iphone plans PLUS pay $600 for the phone. Thanks for trying to take care of your customers. Clearly they could care less about keeping their current customers happy. I am so angry and disgusted that i am considering canceling my contract and switching to Rogers.

  • Man that is frustrating. Really is sad when Bell tries to force
    something completely brand new on existing customers!

  • LB

    The biggest problem I see here is bell is launching this brand new network with an old attitude. Not only do you have to get their lackluster “combo plans”. But if you want caller ID and visual voicemail it;s extra!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously I'm amazed the telcos still consider caller ID a premium feature. Wake the hell up BELL you've been bleeding subscribers for years and if you keep on going like this it's not going to change,

  • dedubb

    I have a Blackberry and a great package with Bell which includes among other things unlimited data.

    After what seems years of waiting it is now possible to use an iphone on their network. Speaking with a rep today I was told all the laughable things I have heard posted here and that to switch phones I would loose my plan and all the features that it took me a long time to negotiate for.

    Is there anything that would stop me from buying an unlocked iphone and using my existing plan without having a problem? How do I get the sim card and make this work so I can loose my Blackberry?

  • rebecca345

    All these cellphone companies are the same. I've been with Rogers for the past 3 years and my contract is up and they told me to keep my current plan which is a good corporate plan…i have to pay $500 for the iphone 3gs. If i want to get the phone for $199…they said i'd have to pay upwards of $80 a month…i only pay $30 now and say i add another $30 for a data plan…thats it done…but no. So now i decide between the other two devils bell or telus.

  • rorypiper

    Just reading all the comments; sounds like the Bell iPhone is off to a rough start. Wonder if Telus will be any better.

  • Yeah no kidding eh! We'll find out tomorrow. πŸ˜‰

  • A079

    I went today and paid outright for the 32gb iphone 3GS. I had just renewed my plan 5 months ago and had no idea the iphone was coming to bell up until a couple weeks ago. I'm currently on a voice plan but also didn't want the data package (the guy asked me if I wanted to add it to my current plan). I asked him about data blocking on my number and he said to call customer service (I get wifi everywhere I go so I didn't need it). I did that within 10 min of getting home and they successfully blocked data on my phone. My wifi works perfectly. Aside from paying full price for the phone I'd say Bell did a good job today. I thought they would have hassled me for blocking data but they didn't. Couldn't be happier!

  • scott987

    I think more people need to put more thought into the costs that go into subsidizing phones and the reason contracts exist. Tenure has nothing to do with contract discounts.

    I've seen the wholesale prices for these phones and they aren't much lower than what the non contract price is. Apple sets the pricing for these phones.

    You need to pay off your previous phone before you're eligible for another discount. These are BUSINESSES that are here to make money. Not lose it to accomodate your every whim. You signed a contract, read the terms, and stop whining.

  • The thing is, consumers would gladly pay an unsubsidized price, free of contracts. Of course we all know that these things aren't cheap. Heck, I remember Fido selling Sony Ericsson handsets for $1000 without a contract. People still bought them.

    The problem is these carriers aren't offering anything that seems to be of VALUE to the customer. If their existing models are working so well, then why do we constantly hear gripes and venting? It's because we're getting gouged and there's nothing we can do about it.

    Businesses are all about the money–that's so true. But without CUSTOMERS, businesses will bite the dust and die. I'm still waiting for the day where we are treated with respect, and given plans that offer value. Think back to when monthly plans were $25-30, and included early evenings at 6PM, Caller ID, voicemail, etc.

    Now, we have “evenings” at 9PM and you're paying $20 for Caller ID/voicemail. Doesn't seem right to me.

  • hugo

    Well the problem we have is not to keep our voice plan when buying full price, the problem is if we want a data plan ON our curent voice plan. Then we are told thats not possible….wtf

    The girl at Bell told me “Well if you pay full price you will be able to use your iPhone on wifi”

    Wow, thats an iPod…..for 199$

  • hugo

    Heres what the fine print says about the iPhone

    Apple iPhone 3GS

    On a 3 year term when activating a minimum voice and data plan combination or combo plan of $45 per month or greater.

    So, why cant we have our voice plan with an add on daa plan. They say themself that we dont have to get the iphone bundle

  • Rock

    I just tried a Bell SIM card in my unlocked Rogers iPhone – and their signal is SO much stronger than Rogers here in Rockland, ON. If Bell wanted my business, they would give me a $400 credit to cover the Rogers early cancellation fees. They would get so much business in my area.

    A question: Has anyone ever been successful in cancelling a Rogers contract because they had no or little reception in their home area?

  • thrills

    For all of you out there who have been getting screwed over by bell in regards to the iphone having no promotions for existing customers. Here is a little treat for you.

    Pres – Bell Mob.& BDI & Chief Brand Off. (wireless phones)
    ph: (905) 282-4944
    fx: (905) 282-3553
    Assistant: Laura Mihalis 905-282-4945

    MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, L4W 5N2

    Thanks, anonymous Bell Canada worker!

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  • DeDubb

    Has anyone managed to get more than 2G of data, keep any of their previous smartphone plan or get any incentives to renew? I talked to Telus today and it's looking like a better deal to port over to them.

  • scott987

    Sorry I wasn't directing my comment to you. It was in general.

    There are several situations where I understand we the customer are being gouged.

    However, the majority of people seem to believe phones are free and will be given away freely.

  • No worries! πŸ˜‰

    But yes, there is a difference between people who understand the costs
    and those who expect and demand we get everything for free–which is
    not viable for business like you mentioned.

  • mac

    While it's true that bell covers more areas (i.e. small towns etc), their reception is indeed much worse than rogers. I had been on rogers for the past 10 years (2 of which was with the iphone). I paid upwards of 100$ a month for my plan, reception was really good practicaly anywhere in Toronto. I switched to bell corporate plan (57$) and got the new iphone (unlocked my old iphone, and am selling it on ebay for 600$). Reception is much worse in buildings, hallways, just in general indoors on bell. Also txt msgs come truncated, i.e. On rogers when someone sent me a long text (greater than 165 characters) it just came as one big txt msg. On bell it comes as multiple txt's. Hopefully they will sort this all out in the coming months, if not i will unlock the bell iphone sell it to cover cancellation fees and switch back to rogers.

  • n8g

    I don't think so. They have PPDA30 which is 1GB of data for $30 and PPDA40 which is 500mb w/ call display, voicemail, unlimited text. And a $50 1GB w/call display, etc. But they are not making the 'add-on' data plans very appealing. Most of the time they're 'incompatible' with previous plans (ie. family plans).

    Spent lots of time yesterday on the phone and in store with diff. Bell reps. Try puting the incompatability on them as 'not my problem' and see if they'll credit you anything…

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  • James Canteen

    I was off contract with Bell knowing that the iPhone was coming.

    They did not let me use my $200 hardware credit towards a new 3GS (16 mb), but they did give me this on a new 3-year contract:

    Nationwide fab 5
    500 MB data
    450 daytime minutes
    100 Canadian Long Distance
    Caller ID/Voicemail
    2500 texts per month

    For the whopping price of $67.70. There are deals out there. Speak to the retention department and be nice.

  • James Canteen

    Oh and evenings at 6pm and waiver of the activation fee.

  • Bob

    Bell is the worst company ever, my phone is broken and not functioning anymore, and I have been with Bell (aka worst company ever) for more than 2 years already. And now bell will not let me upgrade to an Iphone plan. Is bell completely stupid? I wanted to sign with the worst company ever (Bell) for another 3 years, paying them 80 dollars a month on an Iphone plan, but they did not want my business because they changed their upgrading time from 2 to 3 years in August. Very Sneaky. Thankfully, Rogers is not that stupid and is giving me a great Iphone deal. So Bell Mobility, your contract is canceled. And I will be sure to let the Board of Trade in my city know about your corrupt practices as I am a member.

    Same problem as Speed Racer.

  • iPhone User

    The iPhone reception in Kelowna, BC is VERY SPOTTY and DOES NOT WORK most of the time. BUYER BEWARE: Do not waste your time or money with Bell. Wait until the network is fixed.

  • joannahughes

    Can anyone tell me if I buy an iphone and get a data plan from Bell if my wifi still works? Bell hasn't blocked it? I wonder because the brochures talk about free wifi at Starbucks but I use my ipod everywhere for free and I am hoping to get an iphone and do the same?

  • joannahughes

    Does anyone know if Bell has blocked wifi? I want to buy an iphone with a Bell data plan but can I still use free wifi where it is available thereby saving my data time?

  • Wifi always works if you are within range of a wifi network

  • joannahughes

    Thanks, I have an ipod now and I use free wifi or my wifi at home on it, I was afraid that Bell might have a way of blocking wifi so that you are forced to use their data plan.

  • joannahughes

    Can anyone tell me if I buy an iphone and get a data plan from Bell if my wifi still works? Bell hasn't blocked it? I wonder because the brochures talk about free wifi at Starbucks but I use my ipod everywhere for free and I am hoping to get an iphone and do the same?

  • joannahughes

    Does anyone know if Bell has blocked wifi? I want to buy an iphone with a Bell data plan but can I still use free wifi where it is available thereby saving my data time?

  • Ex

    Wifi always works if you are within range of a wifi network

  • joannahughes

    Thanks, I have an ipod now and I use free wifi or my wifi at home on it, I was afraid that Bell might have a way of blocking wifi so that you are forced to use their data plan.

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  • B-Uckster

    For anyone looking to get out of cell phone contracts, here is one piece of advice for free that actually works as long as you stick to your guns. Contract law in Canada dictates the allowable terms and duration of contacts, as such the allowable duration for a cellular contract (and gym membership for that matter) is actually only 1 year. Any contract exceeding the one year is not enforceable, all of the providers know this and as soon as you mention this they will come back with all kinds of retorts to try and scare you but if you look it up, it is true. If you want to cancel a contract you can do so without penalty beyond the original 12 months.