Bell iPhone 5 Sees Price Drop: $79 for 16GB, $129.95 for 64GB on Contract

Bell has lowered the price of its remaining iPhone 5 stock, following a similar move from Telus made on the weekend. Here are the new prices on two year term contracts:

  • White 16GB iPhone 5: $79 (previously $129.95)
  • White 64GB iPhone 5: $129.95 (normally $399.95)
  • Black 32GB iPhone 5: $129.95 (normally $299.95)
  • Black 64GB iPhone 5: $129.95 (normally $399.95)
It’s odd how the 32GB and 64GB black models are the same price (maybe a price error?).

Screenshot 2013 10 29 08 48 18

The 64GB iPhone 5 for $129 on contract is a significant price reduction for last year’s model, considering it was as high as $399.95 on a two year term from Bell. Let us know if you’re going to jump on these discounts!

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