Bell Launches CraveTV for Bell Fibe TV and Bell Aliant FibreOP TV Subscribers


Bell has announced its new TV streaming offering CraveTV is now available for customers with Bell Fibe TV and Bell Aliant FibreOP TV subscribers (at the price of $4 per month):

CraveTV can be accessed by Bell Fibe TV subscribers on channel 1310 and by Bell Aliant FibreOP TV customers on channel 523 on their set-top boxes. Available online and on smartphones and tablets to all Bell TV and Bell Aliant TV subscribers, CraveTV will also be offered on select Bell Satellite TV set-top boxes in early 2015.

The company previously announced the service earlier this month, codenamed “Project Latte”. To drum up publicity for CraveTV’s launch, currently six Canadians have watched TV for 75 hours straight in downtown Toronto, as part of an attempt to set a new Guinness World Record (they need to hit 91 hours).

Here’s a screenshot of them taken just over 10 minutes ago (they look exhausted):

Screenshot 2014 12 11 13 33 53

I have no idea how these people are able to stay awake for so long. Even with their 5 minute breaks allowed every hour (they can be banked up for a longer break), this is crazy.

Let us know if you’re going to subscribe to CraveTV.


  • mike s

    the good thing is that if you have TMN, it is included with your package

  • CMfly

    If they gave a free month trial i would do that for sure. But as it stands I have seen everything they have advertised..

  • Jon Chang

    Bell’s new Crave TV is exactly what the market needs: a strong Canadian company providing a robust alternative to the tired model that is Netflix. $4/month is a fantastic value for our customers to jump on!

  • Jason Reid

    No Thanks. No interest. Don’t have Netflix either. Luckily I pay $61 tax in for HD/PVR through Telus with 7 theme pacs and internet 25 included.

  • Al

    “Robust alternative”? … “Tired model”? … Seriously?!
    Either you have absolutely no clue about ANY of these services, or you work for Bell and are playing the same “favourable reviews” games they tried with apps.

  • Jason Reid

    Was thinking the exact same thing. Jon Chang works for Bell. Not saying Crave sucks as its too new but if it’s through Bell….IT SUCKS!!

  • Canucksgoal

    $45 plus tax HDTV, 25 Internet, and Home Phone from Shaw Cable. I am actually using the free trial on Shomi which is very good. I think Shomi is better than CraveTV since Shomi is combine from both Shaw and Rogers. CraveTV seems like a rush to compete with Shomi as well.

  • hub2

    Emphasis on “value for our customers”.

    I am not a Bell TV customer, therefore Crave TV will cost me $46/mo ($42 being the cheapest satellite package).

    I get 15 TV channels for free over-the-air. So unless Bell unbundles CraveTV it costs at least 5x more than Netflix.

  • lol at you bell

    spot on reply.
    in addition,

    $4/month on top of whatever bell already rapes customers for is absurd.

    patiently waiting for this failure to fall on its proverbial face

  • Dave

    The selection is poor.

  • Itsmyopinionsopissoff

    Unlimited internet and Netflix is the only way to go.

  • Itsmyopinionsopissoff

    It’s a good price but only if you already pay their overinflated prices for another service. That’s just plain dumb. Bell get with it! People want low cost on demand streaming services and unlimited bandwidth. You don’t provide this so people are leaving you in droves.

  • Rumba2341

    Nice try Jon hahahahaha