Bell Again Loses Appeal Against 911 Fee Lawsuit in NWT


Bell’s attempt to appeal a 911 ruling in the Northwest Territories has been declined again, as the Supreme Court of Canada today refused to hear their challenge, reports The Canadian Press:

The Supreme Court of Canada refused today to hear the company’s challenge of a Northwest Territories Court of Appeal ruling.

As usual, the high court gave no reason for declining to hear the appeal.

In the majority of the Northwest Territories, the Yukon and Nunavut, 911 service is non-existent as calls are mostly answered by a recorded message.

Despite this, for several years Bell charged customers 75 cents on their monthly bills for a 911 fee, which led to a $6 million class-action lawsuit launched in 2007, but only made its way to court in 2013.

Bell lost the ruling, as Justice Ron Veale concluded Bell was liable for nearly 30,000 customers in the NWT, Yukon and Nunavut who paid for 911 services they did not receive.

In January of this year, Bell lost its appeal saying they “very disappointed with the decision,”; it appears another attempt to appeal the decision was lost today.

The appeal court upheld the decision made by a trial judge that Bell and breached its contractual obligations to customers.


  • johnnygoodface

    Be a man: just pay and be done with it and stop whining!

  • Asmodath

    My question is how the hell did Bell actually think they would win this? No 911 services, no fee. Simple. Doughheads, that’s how.

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  • Brian

    Why should Bell selling shite and charging for it be a surprise to you?