Bell Lowers Wireless Roaming Rates for Japan; Get 50MB Data for $30


Today Bell has introduced lower wireless roaming rates for customers roaming in Japan.

Here are the updated Travel Data Pass rates:

  • $30 Travel Data Pass: 50MB of data (previously 20MB)
  • $100 Travel Data Pass: 200MB of data (previously 50MB)

Voice plan roaming rates:

  • $30 voice package: 60 minutes (previously $40 for 50 minutes)
  • $45 voice & text package: 60 minutes, unlimited incoming texts, 200 sent messages (previously $60 for 50 minutes/200 sent messages)

Pay-per-use roaming has decreased 33%:

  • Voice minutes now at $2/minute
  • Data usage at $8/MB

Bell previously cut its U.S. roaming rates last September by 50 percent.

Wade Oosterman, President of Bell Mobility had this to say: 

“Bell is focused on cutting the cost of mobile roaming in the countries Canadians travel to the most, and we’re happy to add Japan to the list with great new rates on mobile voice and data plans for consumers travelling there,” 

Of course, if you’re traveling overseas your best bet is to use an unlocked iPhone with a local SIM card if you don’t want to incur expensive overages.


  • Ari

    50 MB? Really how generous. Not.

  • einsteinbqat

    What a load of rubbish!

  • Ashwin

    Bell is focused on fleecing us of all we got. Even better than getting a local sim from each place you travel try Know Roaming. Super easy & so much cheaper than Bell/Rogers, that you’ll instantly find out how much profit these companies make. Such a sham, its a miracle how their employees sleep at night after cheating Canadians. Don’t ever use roaming from the Big 3 out of principle. We should all stand together against this.

  • avoid_bell

    Bell is cheap. I bought 600MB of data for my short US trip and have been extensive internet in Canada and rarely exceeded 2GB per month. While in US I got a text message from bell that I have used 80% of data in practically 2 days and within 2 hours I got a message that I have used 100% and now will be charged $6/ MB. I stopped my data usage right away and got dinged for another 100MB of data. On asking them, they said that their messages are delayed that is the reason that happened. The best part is that the message did not say anything like that – that it is a delayed message. Now they wont reverse the charges and I end up paying around $150 extra. Awesome service Bell, just love you for setting up a con shop.

    So you are going blind against your data usage and it has no resemblance to your data usage in Canada for sure. You are never sure how much data you need. Buy their “Travel Data Pass” and either live in fear of overexceeding the usage or get dinged.