Here Are Bell’s New Voice & Data Share Plans Coming March 15


Bell is set to release a new set of Voice & Data plans starting tomorrow and the prices are more expensive, in line with recent changes from Rogers and Telus previously reported.

According to an internal doc obtained by MobileSyrup, Voice & Data Share Plans have increased by $5/month on most plans. There are new 2GB and 4GB options and additional smartphone line add-ons have increased to $60/month (like Telus).

Here are the news prices for Voice and Data Share plans (take $20/month off for BYOD):

  • $80 for 500MB (was $75)
  • $85 for 1GB (same)
  • $90 for 2GB (new)
  • $110 for 4GB (new)
  • $125 for 6GB (was $105 promo; $120 regular)
  • $145 for 10GB (was $140)
  • $165 for 15GB (was $160)

According to the doc, here is what it will cost for additional lines: BYOD $40; Voice & Data Lite line is $50; Voice & Data Plus is $60. 

These plans are include unlimited nationwide talk plus the usual extras. They will be available on month to month or 2-year terms.

What do you think of these new plans?


  • Fireeast

    Unbelievable, no more phone after this contract.

  • gtasscarlo

    These new plans are horrible. Wind seems like the only postpaid viable options for new customers.

  • Guest

    Horrible. Who thought Canadians could get gauged even more for mobile service?..

  • Peter Parker

    F bell, f their new plans, f their service, f share plans…and f telus and rogers too

  • jimmynicrudlets

    They took their already crappy plans and made them MUCH WORSE.

    Why ?!!?

  • BrodieTheDog

    It’s hard to believe that the company’s don’t offer an $80-$100 all inclusive unlimited plan.

  • SalesRep

    just shut it all off you. You guys all wanted 2 year contracts and now you may all suffer. For the big 3 to get the device subsidy back, plans had to go up in price. Enjoy!

  • shayne

    We already pay one of the highest Fon services on the planet what’s another hike in price. Remember how upset the three were when Verizon was supposed to come. How quickly they forget. When one of these companies does come and they will, see ya later big bully three. You guys have your way long enough. I would think it would soon come to an end.

  • Fireeast

    The problem is, it will be an American company and charge the same prices just like targets entry into the market. The only difference is i would switch out of spit

  • Farids

    Canadian government efficiency at work!!! Yell out they are on little guys side, but do anything to get them out and leave the big3 with no competition. Thanks CRTC, I HOPE YOUR UNDER THE TABLE CUT WAS WORTH IT. The Big3 have again become the sole players and prices going up again.

  • omar

    Canadian gov is the one who is making money…Roger bell Telus just paid the gov enough money to shut them up. So the price is going up. I bit if a 4th company came in, big 3 at that point was on their knees. So now suck it up…or go with Wind mobile.

  • omar

    F them all

  • KaylaFaith RichardJohn

    My plan right now is the voice & data 80 plan and i love it.. gives me 3gb of data to work with so i never pay any more then 80 a month.. and now these new plans are just ridiculous.. i was gon upgrade but now i’m just gon pay off my contract and be done with smartphones and thats too much..

  • Doug

    I think it sucks I have been a Bell customer for over 8 years but this will end soon as virgin and koodo will discount me bringing my cell to their network