Bell Launches New Monthly Plans in Thunder Bay to Match TBaytel Promos


Bell has updated its website to offer plans geared towards residents in Thunder Bay, to compete with promo offerings from local carrier Tbaytel, which you can check out below:

Screenshot 2014 08 14 10 16 58

Screenshot 2014 08 14 10 17 03

Bell has new Plus Plans ranging from $60, $70 and $85 per month, with data amounts of 1 GB, 6 GB and 12 GB. All plans include unlimited SMS/MMS and nationwide minutes, but the $70 and $85 plans have more data and unlimited USA minutes:

Screenshot 2014 08 14 10 06 48

The new Lite plans are essentially the same but don’t offer as high a subsidy on contracts as the Plus Plans, thus are cheaper per month at $50, $60 and $75 respectively:

Screenshot 2014 08 14 10 06 54

Bell’s website proudly touts its LTE network is now available in Thunder Bay. Tbaytel’s roaming coverage outside their home network is through an agreement with Rogers.

Last March, Tbaytel offered a $50 unlimited nationwide voice plan with 6GB of data to compete with the ‘Big 3’ in the region.

[via RFD]


  • Justen Bennett

    The $60 6GB plan would be perfect for me but, of course, they won’y offer it in Toronto or anywhere else they don’t have to.

  • Tim

    Can’t you just sign up with a Thunderbay number even if you don’t live there? Most people have unlimited LD anyway.

  • Some people have been able to try this with SK and MB plans over at RedFlagDeals, of course YMMV.