Bell Set to Unveil New Voice and Data Plans on March 14


According to a new internal memo, Bell is set to reveal a “new suite” of Voice and Data plans next Friday, March 14, reports MobileSyrup. The memo reads:

Effective March 14, 2014, Bell will be launching a new suite of Voice & Data rate plans:

  • COAM plans starting as low as $40
  • Lite plans starting at $50
  • Plus plans starting at $60

Stay tuned for more details.

Earlier this week Bell increased its Voice & Data 70 plan by $5 to $75 per month. Also late this week Virgin Mobile increased its $42/month ‘promo’ Gold Plan by $3 to $45/month.

No matter what happens, I have a strange feeling Rogers and Telus might follow suit and release similar plans next week to match Bell. What do you think?


  • wah_gee

    They will still be expensive. Won’t be like the competitive Sask, Man, or Que. plans.

  • Anon

    That’s pretty much a given. We all know the evil big 3 are in a unholy alliance with each other.

  • Phil

    That’s great, Canadian cell companies are raising their rates while cell companies in the State’s are competing for consumers and lowering their monthly rates. Recent changes on both sides will makes Canadian carrier rates double that of US counterparts with exactly the same services. Smells like greed to me.

  • Phil

    Recent activity absolutely supports the suggestion of an alliance against consumers here in Canada. Sure is a good thing we don’t allow those bad US cell companies into Canada, that might result in competition for consumers, oh no, we wouldn’t want that.