Bell Offers $5 Promo for Caller ID and Message Centre Starting Today


Just the other day Telus launched some new promotional plans that included caller ID and voicemail. Now, Bell has countered back by introducing a $5 promo for Caller ID and Message Centre (Bell’s voicemail service), typically part of a more expensive $12 value pack. This add on will be available to all Fab 10 plans, and will be available to new and existing customers.

Let us know if you’re successful in adding this to your monthly plan.

[via MobileSyrup]


  • Anonymous

    Rogers to counter in a couple days!

  • Dave

    Just changed my lag from $12 to $5

  • Madenama

    CRS was not able to add this to my account , she was so nice and then she offered me free for rest of my contract ! Thankssssssssss

  • Jodiesue

    I wish bell would match the plans offered by Rogers for smartphones! My fab 10 with bell costs me 72$ a month 🙁

  • vince2826

    Worked for me!!

  • Tv3

    Does not work for me.  Can’t see the promo plan when I log in.

  • Mass19

    I wasn’t successful adding that to my account, the agent said there’s no promo. is there a promo number that I can use ?

  • Amrit

    Same. My Fab10 was $60/month instead of $70. Therefore they couldn’t add $5 promo. Instead gave me that $12 bundle free for year. I will take it.

    I am no contract, month to month with Unlocked 4s

  • Darek

    Anyone have a link to the page? They are telling me that I have to be on contract to do it and I have an unlocked iPhone 4.