Bell Price Increases Coming for CraveTV, Fibe TV and Satellite TV on Oct. 1, 2017


Bell customers, get ready for another round of price increases for CraveTV, Fibe TV and Satellite TV. The company has detailed price changes coming on October 1, 2017, with “rate adjustments” increase in the $2 to $3 range per month.

  • CraveTV will see its price jump across Canada by 33%, up $2 to $8 per month.
  • Fibe TV customers in Ontario will see a $3 per month increase, while those in Quebec at $2 per month.
  • Satellite TV customers in Quebec will see a $2 per month increase, while all other provinces will see prices jump $3 per month.

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According to Bell’s website, “Price adjustments support our continued investments in network, product and service enhancements.” The company informs customers to visit (nice URL) to learn more about how these price hikes will allow Bell to be “better at bringing you more.”

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Back in late 2015, Bell notified customers CraveTV would see a 50% price hike, moving from $4 per month to $6 per month. Nearly two years later, customers will see the price jump to $8 per month, as of October 1, 2017, double the original launch rate.

Other recent price changes by Bell, include increasing the price of data overages for new wireless customers to $7 per 100MB, or $70 for 1GB (Rogers similarly did the same).

So if you can’t stop/won’t stop watching CraveTV/Fibe TV/Satellite TV, get ready for some price increases, folks.


  • Michel Plante

    Better at robing us more ????????????

  • Francis Paquette

    I’m already paying 7.99$ for CraveTV?

  • erth

    death and taxes… and bell increases….

  • MleB1

    …And the Competition Bureau and CRTC still allow cable providers to hike prices while under a contract with a subscriber – such actions do not make said contract null and void and up for renegotiation (that’s Contract Law 101) – and the subscriber is is stuck on the hook for the remainder of the original contract or must pay a fee to ‘break’ it. I live in hope of eventually a Class Action Suit – and that makes it retroactive…

  • ticky13

    It is a poorly written article. This price increase is for Bell customers who purchase Crave through their Bell cable subscription. People who purchased directly from the Crave site were already paying this.

  • Francis Paquette

    Now I understand, thank you !