Bell to Challenge CRTC Ban on Canadian Ad Substitution During Super Bowl


Bell Media has today said that it will be challenging CRTC’s ban on the simultaneous substitution of Canadian commercials over U.S. ones during the Super Bowl, CBC News reports. The Federal Court of Appeal will hear an appeal against CRTC’s decision by Bell, which owns the exclusive broadcast rights to the Super Bowl in Canada.

Bell appeal rejected 20160106

Bell spokesman Scott Henderson said that while they are happy the appeal is moving forward, but disappointed the court didn’t stay the ban.

Justice David Near granted leave to appeal the regulator’s decision on Monday, but denied a stay of the ruling until the case is heard.

The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission ruled against so-called simultaneous substitution of Canadian ads over U.S. ones during the Super Bowl after hearing complaints from Canadians. The change takes effect Jan. 1 with the next Super Bowl set for Feb. 5.

Meanwhile, CRTC spokeswoman Celine Legault refused to comment on the case, saying that it is still before the courts.

Bell Media holds the exclusive rights to air the NFL championship in Canada until the 2018-2019 season. By allowing the practice of sim-subs, Bell can generate significant Super Bowl revenues from Canadian advertisers, instead of showing U.S. ads (which everybody wants to see).


  • Aleks Oniszczak

    So there are 365 days a year. The CRTC is going to stop commercial substitutions for only 1 of those days. On one channel. For a few hours. Wow, the CRTC does so much for us!

    I’m still mad at them for making me watch 6 minutes of extra commercials on the final episode of MASH as compared to what the channel I was watching was ACTUALLY broadcasting. How about if I’m actually PAYING to watch ABC on cable I can actually WATCH what ABC is broadcasting instead of what CTV is.

  • Riley Freeman

    bell stop being a bunch of little bitches and take the hit. NOBODY wants to see your shitty commercials.

  • ticky13

    While I’m not a fan of simsubbing in general, I do find it ridiculous the CRTC can change the rules of the game specifically for one event. Either do away with simsub completely or leave it as-is.