Bell to Launch New Unlimited Plans on Nov. 9th from $55-$95



Bell has announced new unlimited text, picture and video messaging plans, conveniently on the same day Rogers made their ‘simplified pricing’ plans official, but these will become available on November 9th.

Check out these plans–they look eerily familiar:

Bell’s new plans all include unlimited text, picture and video messaging:

  • $55/month 1000 minutes, 200 MB broadband data
  • $65/month unlimited local talk, 1 GB broadband data and 10 hours of Bell MobileTV
  • $75/month unlimited local talk, 3 GB broadband data and 10 hours of Bell MobileTV
  • $95/month unlimited Canada-wide talk, 5 GB broadband data and 10 hours of Bell MobileTV

Unlimited Canada-wide long distance is also available for only $10/month. Bell Mobility also offers a range of other talk/text plans starting at $27.

Wade Oosterman, President of Bell Mobility and Bell Residential Services, and Bell’s Chief Brand Officer:

“Talk and text just got better with Bell. We’re proud to be at the forefront of delivering ever-greater value to Canadian consumers, unleashing the power and potential of Bell’s tremendous range of super phones and other great mobile devices,”  

Note the last three Bell plans include 10 hours of Bell MobileTV, which could be seen as a bonus if you like that service. Caller ID and voicemail is extra and not included.

Anyone going to jump on these in a couple days?


  • Clayton Handley

    Useless plans. Fido’s $57 promo plan is way better.
    I’m looking a new plan and that seems the best right now.

  • Imagine that…those plans are almost a carbon copy of the new “simplified” Rogers plans.

  • Unless you have an iPhone. Apparently they won’t let you have the FIDO 57$ is you’re on the Apple side of the force.

  • Lynn Greiner

    Don’t like these much – too much talk, not enough data. Wonder what Telus will come up with …

  • why would I want to pay $10 for unlimited canada long distance when it already includes unlimited canada wide talk? whats the difference?

  • Justin

    Virgin has launched the same plan and will let you on the plan if you already have an iPhone or are willing to go on the tab option, in which Virgin only covers $200 of the purchase price of the phone