Bell Launches New Travel Data Passes with LTE Roaming, Starts at $30 for 100MB


Bell has announced today new Travel Data Passes, with data buckets doubling for some locations such as Mexico, the UK and China, seeing 100MB of data for $30 instead of the former 50MB.

Wade Oosterman, President of Bell Mobility, said “By doubling the value of our Travel Data Passes, Bell customers travelling in international destinations will find accessing maps, using apps, sharing pictures or keeping up with emails more affordable than ever.”

Below are the new updated prices for Zone 1, 2 and 3 countries:

Screenshot 2015 01 16 08 47 11

Screenshot 2015 01 16 08 57 37

Bell also noted 4G LTE roaming is now available in the U.S., Austria, France, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Switzerland, and Taiwan, with more countries to come. If you’re roaming on an LTE network with just 100MB, be careful as it’ll get used up quickly.

If you’re heading to the U.S. or Mexico, getting a local SIM would be a cheaper option, or something from Roam Mobility.

Are these new updated data pass rates truly “more affordable than ever?” That’s up for you to decide…


  • MGSayah

    annndddd how is this a good deal? Can’t imagine anyone rejoicing: “Woohoo I have 5 seconds worth of data!!”
    LTE and 10mb, the best combination ever for anyone wanting to shed thousands of dollars in roaming overages.

  • einsteinbqat

    Rip off. Just get your iPhone unlocked and get a SIM wherever you go. You’ll bet a much better deal!

  • nobody

    this … exactly.

    what a ripoff from bell – i’m sure we’re all shocked

  • sarge

    Roam mobility is destroying these “deals”

    Just wanted to say thanks to this site for mentioning Roam Mobility a while back. I went to the US for Christmas and for $28 I had a week of Unlimited Calling/Texting and 3GB of LTE on my iPhone.

  • Great to hear!

  • Al

    I’m really surprised Bell didn’t mimic Roger’s new roaming option.

    I use KnowRoaming for short stays (up to 2 weeks) in other countries.

  • Tim

    Roam mobility is a rip off compared to picking up a prepaid sim in the U.S. The only plus to them is getting the SIM before you go. You can get a sim with 2gb of data for 25 bucks almost everywhere once you’re there. The SIM alone on Roam is $20. Get data only with tmobile or someone else, then just use Skype or Call Plus for free VoIP calls. If you have your number with fongo you can just use that. Works great.

  • Salinger

    Roam has free SIM swaps all the time, it’s very easy to get a free SIM from Roam if you just keep an eye out. They also have deals on regularly where you can get a SIM for $10 or less. If you use it at least once a year, you’ll never have to get a new one, unlike US SIMS that generally expire in 90 days.

    I use Roam regularly for my trips to the US and dealing with it in Canada is not the only benefit. Another huge one is you get to keep your same phone number which is great for keeping in touch with people who don’t have to change their contact for you every time you travel to the US.

    For $4 a day you get unlimited calling to the US and Canada, unlimited World-wide text, and more LTE data than you could possibly use unless you’re streaming video constantly. Even then, you’ll be able to stream a fair bit. Much better, at least for me, than dealing with Skype or VOIP calling.

    Plus, you can take care of everything here in Canada and get billed in Canadian dollars; you’re not at the mercy of exchange rates. Right now, that $25 for 2GB you speak of? That’s $30 CAD and that’s before taxes (also in USD) or credit card fees. For about that same $30 CAD with Roam, you’ll get 3.2GB of data plus the unlimited calling and texting features I mentioned.

    I absolutely agree there are other options, and sometimes they work better for someone depending on their circumstance, but Roam is hardly a “rip off”.

  • DaveC

    Question – We have a Bell Mobility business account, sharing over 2 phones. Can the travel passes also be shared as with our normal allotments? Thanks