Bell and Virgin iPhone 6s Orders Have Started Shipping


This morning we told you how to find your UPS tracking number from Apple for your iPhone 6s.

Now, it appears the first pre-orders made with Bell and Virgin Mobile have started shipping, as Canada Post tracking numbers have been sent out to some customers, like iPhone in Canada reader Morgan (Virgin Mobile customer Dan similarly informed us of the same):

Unnamed 3

For iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus customers on Bell and Virgin Mobile, you will be able to enable Wi-Fi Calling, as the company announced support for the feature last week.

For customers with older iPhones, unfortunately your device won’t be supported according to Bell, unlike Rogers, which has Wi-Fi Calling for iPhone 5c users or newer.

If you made a pre-order with Bell and Virgin, let us know if you’ve received your tracking numbers yet.


  • Bryan Simmons

    Good to see they’re handling this launch better than last year

  • Steve

    Anyone on Rogers seen a shipping prep?

    Of course, no one will receive their device from their carrier (Bell or otherwise) until Friday Sept 25, 2015.

  • Carl

    I’m on Bell and just got my tracking number!

  • Nice!

  • Brandon

    I received my tracking number yesterday as well. Can’t wait

  • keny

    My 3 iPhone 6s 64go still show in progress

  • Philippe Frechette

    I am a new subscriber on Bell and pass my order for a gold 16Gb 6S plus from the website on september 19 (Saturday) and already received a shipping confirmation, I tough I would have to wait until all current customer get theirs before they would process my order. I am in a remote area of Canada that need 5-7 days for shipping, maybe they ship earlier to people living far from urban center to meet the september 25 release date.

  • Ethan

    where do you check that?

  • keny

    Under my Rogers then deceive reservation after you click your phone number

    I got one shipped now I wait for the two other to came !

  • jerms

    i ordered mine in a bell store and my device status just changed from “in the order queue” to “Your device has shipped, and it should arrive in-store in 1-3 business days. Call your store to confirm”

  • Logan Houchen

    Not yet. 🙁 Last update Sept. 17th and I went to Virgin and said they expected them to have them 3-4 weeks after launch date (according to Apple estimate).