Bell’s Voice & Data Plus Plan with 500MB Increases to $75 Per Month


Bell has increased its unlimited nationwide Voice & Data Plus plan with 500MB of data per month by $5 to $75 per month, moving it in line with similar plan offerings from Rogers and Telus.

Screenshot 2014 03 05 14 26 19

Also worth noting, is at the end of February, the Bundle 8 pricing for iPhone increased to $12 per month (from $8). It includes the following features:

  • Message Centre
  • Voicemail to Text
  • Anti-spam
  • 500 sent and received text messages from Canada to the U.S. and internationally
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Mobile TV add-on

As you can see below, Rogers and Telus offer the same pricing on a nationwide voice and data plan with shareable 500MB data.

Screenshot 2014 03 05 14 29 39

With Telus though, for new or renewing customers you can get $5 off your monthly plan:

Screenshot 2014 03 05 14 29 54

If you recently jumped on the Bell Voice & Data 70 plan (now known as Voice & Data 75), consider yourself lucky!


  • pegger1

    In MB on Bell, $75 gets you a 10GB plan. The 1GB plan is the low end at $55.
    Rogers and Telus is $65 for 5GB plan.

  • Mario-Jean Carrier

    Too bad it’s only in MB. Would have sign to new terms with those kind of plan in QC. Those plan should of been Canada wide

  • SkAshe

    The Quebec 45$ plan with 1gb is pretty similar to the 55$ MB/SK plan tho

  • Mario-Jean Carrier

    But you are not getting an iphone with that kind of plan

  • SkAshe

    You buy it with the medium balance so you get a 300$ rebate over 24 month which is really close to the 55$ SK/MB plan

  • adam

    if this crap keeps up, ill get a texting plan and use wifi…

  • Total BS. I can’t believe that they (the carriers) are getting away with this highway robbery. Looks like I will unfortunately be buying an unlocked what ever the next iPhone is. I currently have an iPhone 4 and it’s getting painful.

  • You’ll save money in the long run with an unlocked iPhone–that’s a good thing!

  • mustbfun

    Wind $39/mth gets you unlimited Canada wide calling, texting,& 5gb data

  • mcfilmmakers

    In qc Videotron has an 80$ plan with 30GB (not a typo). Anything Bell offers in Qc can be easily beaten.

  • Fireeast

    Remember like four or five years ago you could get a fab 10 and 6gb of data for $60. Isn’t technology supposed to be getting cheaper. Right know i am pay $60 for 200 min and 6gb of data. Renewing might not be an option?

  • Mark18

    Koodo offer unlimited talk, and text, with 1GB for $52/m, no contract. So why is Bell making this $75 plan a “deal”

  • Jessie

    I signed up with Bell about a year ago, and a 75$ plan got me unlimited voice/text and 3GBs of data… I have an iPhone and I added a 15$ visual voicemail add on, so I pay about 100$ after taxes a month.

  • Steve

    Sweet! This is what happens when you have no competition. Really, why stop ripping us off at $75? They might as well increase it to $100/month for the 500mb plan. lol

  • Steve

    SK and MB get the best deals in Canada from the big 3. All other provinces pretty much get ripped off with the awesome deals you see in the above article.

  • Steve

    Nope, not anymore. With the Big 3, there is NO more “Retentions”. Unless you are in SK or MB, you won’t get any deals when renewing, and will pay exactly what a new signup will pay.

  • I know. I wrote a post on my blog after reading your story here 😉