CraveTV “Continues to Grow”, Will Keep Competing Says Bell CEO


With Rogers and Shaw pulling the plug on their streaming service shomi, rival service CraveTV, from Bell, isn’t going anywhere, says company CEO George Cope.

Speaking to the Canadian Press, Cope said “There’s no change in the status of CraveTV,” adding “It’s meeting our expectations, continues to grow and Canadians continue to subscribe to that service, so we’re going to keep competing in that marketplace.”

Cope would not reveal specific subscriber numbers, but said the impending shutdown of shomi would allow CraveTV to compete “more directly” with Netflix.

CraveTV launched in 2014 and initially was only available to cable subscribers for Bell and Telus customers, similar to the original launch of shomi, which was only available to Rogers and Shaw cable subscribers. The service launched for all Canadians back in January, only after the CRTC mandated Bell, Rogers and Shaw to offer their streaming service to all Canadians.

Will CraveTV suffer like shomi and shut down too? The CraveTV library does have a unique offering with its exclusive HBO library, what other streaming services like Netflix does not. But at the end of day, cord cutters will most likely pick one service to stick with, and Netflix’s original programming keeps getting better and better.

Any CraveTV subscribers out there?


  • sully54

    Netflix is killing it with original programming. I’m not going to Netflix to watch reruns of HIMYM, I’m there because of House of cards, stranger things, narcos, etc. HBO exclusives can only get you so far, with shoes like GoT available thru other means, degree of legality notwithstanding.

    Bell and Telus are delusional if they think they can even compete with Netflix on the streaming front without any good original content.

  • Quattro

    Had a look at it last night. Saw nothing much of interest, and “new season” notices of interesting shows applied to a season from a year or two back. Unless they start to become current, they will go down soon as well. It’s worth paying 50% extra for Hulu (Hulu’s price plus VPN’s price).

  • Michal

    the biggest appeal of HBO – (i think) – Game of Thrones not on there anyway 🙂

  • Hosaka

    “…Will CraveTV suffer like shomi and shut down too? The CraveTV library does have a unique offering with its exclusive HBO library, what other streaming services like Netflix does not…”

    This quote can be applied to Shomi as well. They had some licensing deals with certain studios and/or distributors and they also had the exclusive Amazon’s Original Content library (with the exception of Man in the High Castle from what I’ve learned).

    I bet CraveTV is floating around the same number of subscribers as Shomi. I’ll give them a year. Maybe less since it’s Bell.

  • CMfly

    I feel like I would have to stop watching all TV for 2yrs+ before CraveTV became worth it. Any time I have looked at their catalog it is all old shows I have already seen elsewhere..

  • ben

    i tried crave tv. for the hbo content. i had 1 or2 month free 1 yr ago. but they took the regular price out of my credit card during the free trial period and each time i called, they acknoledge the error on their side and kept telling me someone will call me to refund me. it lasted 6 month and each time the same speech. no one ever called me. it’s been a yr.
    on the service itself it’s one of the the ugliest User interface available. no subtitle available in french at all. some in english on few title but with a very ugly big font on 3 lines with the only latest line updating meaning you can’t even read it properly. they really don’t care about user obviously. it’s 101 user interface knowledge! i really hope they will follow shomi soon. netflix plays in another category since the beggining.