Bell Launches CraveTV to All for $7.99/month with 1 Month Free Trial

Bell has announced this morning CraveTV has publicly launched for all Canadians with Internet, priced at $7.99 per month with a free one-month trial.

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“We’re very proud to enter into the next phase of this incredible service, offering the most premium TV content in Canada at the best price,” said Mary Ann Turcke, President, Bell Media. “Some of the best television in recent memory is available on CraveTV, and we’re delighted all Canadians with access to the Internet will have a chance to discover and enjoy this content, when they want, on the device of their choice.”

CraveTV is available on the web, iOS, Apple TV, Android/Chromecast, Windows 8.1, and select Samsung smart TVs. Existing cable TV subscribers from TELUS, Eastlink, Sasktel, Bell Aliant, Bell TV and more can subscribe to it for a lower price.

The company tells us the most popular series on CraveTV right now is Entourage, while the fastest series to reach one million views was South Park. The most viewed special? The Roast of Donald Trump. Bell currently has an exclusive licensing deal with HBO Canada, which is reflected within the CraveTV library.

Let us know if you’re going to test out CraveTV today. Will you be signing up for $7.99 per month?

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  • miggy_smalls

    Quite interested in this…Glad to see you can view the full library without signing up. The HBO collection is very attractive. One thing I am not clear on, is when new episodes will be added. So for Billions, will we have to wait until the full season is posted to Crave.

  • taguntumi

    Just got 12 months included in our new Telus subscription and their apple tv app is unusable have to sign in via a browser before every show as it forgets you did it last time.

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    New episodes now on TV (cable or satellite)? Not until the next season starts. I have CraveTV now and it is similar to Netflix.

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    Apple TV 3 or Apple TV 4? I have both and they work fine and I registered once on each device. Not sure why you are having a problem. FYI, I have Bell.

  • Ben

    Really bad app. No subtitle. Cc are out of time, bad format. Very amateur compare to netflix. Also you can’t add show to a list from the app. You need to go on the web for that. Of course no subtitle in french at all. Very desapointed. It really feels like they don’t care, they just released it because of the crtc ruling. Not because they saw in interest in doing it.

  • miggy_smalls

    I don’t see an apple tv app for it. I have the ATV3, and can’t add a “channel” on your own, and it hasn’t popped up for me. Was going to ask about airplay from the iOS app, if that was what they meant by apple tv compatible.

  • miggy_smalls

    thanks. I still think these services can benefit from better transparency of future inventory. So let’s say I want to watch Ray Donovan, and Crave knows they are getting the next season, make that known. Say on such and such a date, season x of Ray Donovan will be available on here. It’s difficult to abandon cable (& other methods) when you aren’t sure where you’ll be able to see a show you want to watch.

  • Sara

    Strange…my ATV2 has channels for both Shomi and CraveTV – and both have been there for a while. Maybe you hid it from the screen?

  • Sara

    I read somewhere yesterday that Billions is going to be posted each week to Crave after airing.
    My guess is that’s more of a promotional thing to get you into Crave. I would expect that for traditional network shows (Big Bang Theory, etc.), it is like Netflix and it is sometime after the season has ended on network.