Live-Streaming CTV Olympics London 2012 iOS App Coming Soon


With the London 2012 Olympics set to kick off on July 27th, it looks like this will be one of the most-connected Olympic games ever. You will soon be able to catch all the action via the free CTV Olympics London 2012 apps, set to be released soon, as announced by CTV:

There are two different mobile apps for smartphones and tablets that Canadians can use to stream live video during the Olympics.

The free CTV Olympics London 2012 app, which will be available for Android, Apple, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7 devices, will stream live coverage and video highlights, and will also include results, schedules, news and social media integration. The app will only stream video over Wi-Fi and not over mobile networks.

Bell has the exclusive rights to offer video streaming over mobile networks and is charging $10 a month for 10 hours of viewing, per device. A Bell spokesman said some users might have to pay for two months of service for the Olympics package, since the $10 fee is based on each user’s billing cycle. For example, if a user’s billing cycle refreshs on the first of the month they’d have to pay $10 twice — once to start viewing video when the Games begin on July 27 and a second time to watch content from Aug. 1 through Aug. 12.

If you want to watch over your mobile network, it’ll be via Bell’s network and will cost $5/month for 10 hours of viewing, similar to what we have seen from Bell’s Mobile TV app. This was just announced by Bell:

Bell Mobile TV
Bell Mobility customers can access London 2012 content in stunning HD directly on HD-capable superphones, smartphones and tablets with Bell Mobile TV, Canada’s leading mobile TV service. Bell Mobile TV will feature:

  • Live HD access to Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium channels
  • An enhanced Viewers’ Guide dedicated to the Games
  • More than a hundred daily on-demand highlights

Bell Mobile TV is available for an all-inclusive $5 a month for 10 hours of TV viewing including access to live and on-demand London 2012 Games action.

Hmm…looks like that earlier CTV report has some conflicting information over the price for Bell customers? Looks like it will be $5/month instead of $10.

If the live coverage over WiFi on both the iPhone and iPad app is the same as it will be online via the web, I’ll be a happy camper!


  • FragilityG4

    It’s nice when the CBC carries these things and stream for free … After all it’s not their money …

  • We can only hope Airplay is involved too.

  • Mark Woodford

    Jailbreak and use My3G or 3GUnrestrictor and stream over the air too.

  • I don’t think they had apps out back in 2008, the last time CBC did the Olympics. Only desktop support. And CTV had good desktop streaming for Vancouver. Plus, I don’t think the CBC is always equal with their mobile streaming support. Ex: You need to pay to stream Hockey Night through their app and if I remember correctly (I could be wrong), Rogers did a deal with the CBC for multi-platform access to their World Cup coverage. I don’t remember if mobile was only available for Rogers customers or not.

  • FragilityG4

    For the 2010 World Cup CBC carried it and had for free viewing HD coverage, Internet and mobile streaming … I remember because I was watching it at work 🙂

  • draz

    CBC did not have mobile streaming of the World Cup for free, you had to pay the set fee ($15 I think?) plus another $5/month fee. But for $20 it was well worth it.

    I know because I bought that package for my Rogers iPhone 3G.
    My work did not have a TV close to my cubical and also restricted almost all sites otherwise I would have just streamed it all day like I did the Euro 2012!

    Back on topic! My3G? CTV could block all streaming video traffic coming from a wireless carrier, unless you are on Bell and paying.