Bell, Virgin Mobile Release New 2-Year Loyalty Plans Starting at $60


Bell and Virgin Mobile have released new loyalty plans for its customers according to MobileSyrup, for existing members on ‘myBuddies’ plans looking to do a hardware upgrade and sign two-year terms. Right now, the iPhone 5 starts at $199.95 on a two-year term from Bell.

The plans went into effect yesterday and are what Virgin Mobile describes as “a love letter to our Members”. Check them out below (looks like caller ID and voicemail are $10/month extra):

Loyalty Platinum 60

  • 100 daytime minutes
  • Unlimited 6PM evenings/weekends
  • Local My10
  • Unlimited SMS/MMS to Canada/USA
  • 500 MB data
  • $60 per month

Loyalty Platinum 70

  • 200 daytime minutes
  • Unlimited 6PM evenings/weekends
  • National My10
  • Unlimited SMS/MMS to Canada/USA
  • 1GB data
  • $70 per month

Loyalty Platinum 85

  • 200 daytime minutes
  • Unlimited 6PM evenings/weekends
  • National My10
  • Unlimited SMS/MMS to Canada/USA
  • 6 GB data
  • $85 per month
The plans don’t have a lot of daytime minutes, so if you talk a lot still, these might be cutting it close. Let us know if you’re going to jump on any of these plans



  • crosseyed_mofo

    thank you for not using the word “data bucket” in this post gary, that expression makes me want to punch midgets

  • 0_0

  • rrosales

    Those plans are insult to their loyal customers!

  • crosseyed_mofo

    i dislike data buckets?

    o(>< )o

  • Note to self: never use the term data buckets ever, ever again.

  • Chrome262

    So for 5 bucks more then Fido, I get a similar plan as new customers humm. they could save tons of money if they just advertise “new plan – please see (insert carriers name here) for details”.

  • Kellie

    They’re the best I’ve seen in awhile… But mine is still better…

  • Chrome262

    I agree, there is no real motivation with staying with them. Or switching actually since the plans are pretty close. I find this all quite depressing.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    seriously who invented that word?

  • Carriers.

    Sometimes I like to call my bank account a money bucket.

  • Kellie

    They’re the best I’ve seen in awhile… But mine is still better…

  • adam

    im with telus business plan right now. 3gb sharable data for 65$ with 1000 min and caller id and visual voicemail. not the greatest deal but way better then this crap. we share 12 gb between all 4 phones we have. and you dont need a business for it.

  • Dave

    My plan is 150 daytime minutes, unlimited after 5pm and weekends, Canada wide calling, voicemail, caller id and 6 gigs of data for $61+ all in a month

  • rob0302

    Wow these plans are terrible!!!
    I’m with rogers, on a loyalty plan that they gave me and i’m paying $56.00/month tax in.
    -200 anytime (+100 bonus anytime) minutes
    -unlimited incoming calls
    -free nights & weekends after 6
    -voicemail, call display, caller ID
    -Unlimited incoming/outgoing text/pic/video messages
    -6 gigs data

    The day I left Bell was the best day of my “Mobile life”

    Curious to see if Varizon blows all these guys out of the water when they move in, or if they’re just gonna join them in raping the Canadian market..

  • WatDah

    Remember when $65 gets you unlimited everything with caller ID and voice mail and 6GB data? I don’t get why as time goes by, Robellus is taking things away from the plans…. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? I thought operational costs are suppose to go down as we advance in technology….or am i wrong?

  • oron

    I pay 72 dollars including GST with Fido. My plan includes unlimited minutes day or night all the calling features including voice mail and call display with name display. Unlimited texting and picture texting. Unlimited Canada and US long distance calling and texting. 6 Gb of Data. Canada wide roaming. The only way to get a good plan is threaten to leave every time your contract comes up for renewal. When they call i always ask the same question “if i need to transfer my number to Telus do i have to call you first or can they do it?” that usually gets them to believe that you will leave and do their best to add credits to your bill.

  • adam

    they make too much money off people going over there plans.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    i am holding onto my rogers retention plan for life at the rate this is going

    $90 unlimited north america anytime (this includes texting)

    7 gigs

    vvm included

  • Rio

    That was a promotional plan. Wait for September and I am sure when the iPhone comes out we will see similar plans.

  • Jason

    Why did i bother clicking this link? here i am thinking bell might be actually doing something right for a change. Then i read the article. these plans are not deals..

  • Matt

    $72 is an absolute rip off and I’ll laugh when they start calling your bluff and say “nope, just have Telus port the number out.” #click

  • hub2

    Funny, that’s almost exactly what happened a year and a half ago (except they didn’t hang up on me).

    Not quite as sweet a deal as oron has, but close. Gave Fido plenty of chances to keep me paying $65+tax every month, but they preferred I pay $55+tax to Telus instead for roughly equivalent features, so port the number I did.