RBC Clarifies Whether New RBC Wallet Will Reach iPhone Users


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RBC has launched their own mobile wallet platform, announced yesterday and known as the RBC Wallet, available first on Android smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy SIII and S4, using NFC-enabled SIM cards on the Bell network. Both companies previously announced their mobile wallet plans last May.

RBC says they are the first Canadian financial institution to offer the choice of using debit or credit for their mobile payments. RBC Wallet will work at any contactless payment terminal such as Interac Flash or Visa PayWave.

Will RBC Mobile Wallet Reach the iPhone?

We reached out to RBC to ask whether Apple iPhone users could expect RBC Wallet anytime soon. Linda Mantia, executive vice-president, Cards & Payment Solutions at RBC sent us the following statement via email:

“We will continue to make enhancements and add to the RBC Wallet. Our vision is for this solution to work on all devices, with all carriers, all financial institutions, all merchants and with value-added solutions.”

You may recall earlier Rogers and CIBC launched their own mobile wallet solution called suretap, similarly based on NFC SIM cards. Rogers clarified there were no plans for suretap to hit the iPhone based on the lack of NFC capabilities.

TELUS also reportedly has plans to launch their own mobile wallet soon, but we have yet to see anything come to fruition.


  • micrich3

    That’s a NO

  • tim

    Damn, I use RBC, this would be convenient. Can’t they put NFC chips on SIM cards?

  • Matt

    I feel like this whole NFC phone payment system needs to be run by Interac or the credit card companies and not the banks. This way all banks have the ability to provide this feature to their customers. Right now you have to have a specific device and be a member of a specific bank. None of the technologies are compatible with each other. It’s a mess.

  • Stefan

    Interesting idea. Maybe they could somehow. 🙂

  • sully54

    well considering interac is owned by all 5 major banks, this should have been the case. i think the competition bureau should have a look at this…

    it is possible that each financial institution will launch their own system and RBC just so happened to beat everyone to the punch.

  • forbsy

    Someone please regulate this NFC payment system. Waay to many disparate solutions out there. I just want it standardized so I can install one app and have it work across all of my banks. Interac seems like the intelligent centralization