Tim Hortons To Offer Free Wi-Fi at 2000 Locations


Tim Hortons announced today that they will be installing wireless internet in 2000 of their locations. This will be the largest free wireless network in Canada.

Roland Walton, Chief Operations Officer of Tim Hortons said:

“It’s all about convenience and making life easier for our guests. Free wireless Internet at Tim Hortons will help people stay connected on the road in more locations than anyone in Canada and is yet another great reason to visit one of our restaurants to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee.”

The roll out has begun and by September the chain expects 90 percent of its locations will have wireless access. The Oakville, Ontario based company chose Bell as their service provider after a six month testing process.

Wade Oosterman, President of Bell Mobility said:

“We’re proud of this partnership between two great Canadian brands and welcome Tim Hortons customers to the country’s largest Wi-Fi network. The expansion of Bell’s broadband Wi-Fi into more than 2,000 Tim Hortons locations underlines Bell’s ability to deliver world-leading technology on a national scale,”

Currently Bell also providesWi-Fi service to Chapters, Indigo, Starbucks and select McDonalds location. What are your thoughts on this initiative by Tim Hortons? Will it change your coffee habits?



  • Robert

    I think this is great! Businesses offering free WiFi is a huge bonus to many customers and really makes them feel more welcome and want to stay.
    I work at a Tim Hortons, though unfortunately I doubt my store will be getting WiFi since we’re inside of a mall… Too bad, since I ended up adding data to my phone for the sole reason that the mall doesn’t offer free WiFi. 🙁 Could’ve saved a few extra dollars!

  • Sate

    No. Free Wi-Fi is not enough. Tim Hortons needs to start offering non-dairy milk alternatives. Until then I won’t be using them.

  • Soy would be nice eh!

  • Great for people with iPod touch units and Wi-Fi iPads.

  • Daniel

    With so many having data+tethering packages on their smartphone, is free WiFi really that important anymore? I have the 6GB data plan from Rogers and, at most, I use 5GB of it.

  • cyruskafaiwu

    How about the people that can’t get 6gb?

  • Yup, great for those with 500MB data buckets.

  • Claudia

    Great stuff! This will add heat to coffee wars!

  • Claudia

    Kids are going to love this/ good prices and free wifi. Get em while they’re young!

  • Eric

    But most tim hortins have uncomfy seats and 20min time policies.. I like McDonalds better (especially the newly renovated stores)

  • Better and cheaper coffee than those other coffee locations.

  • While this is nice and I’m not going to complain, to be honest WiFi hotspots in Canada aren’t that important to me anymore as I’ve got a 6GB data plan. Although this will be handy for those spots where cell reception is lacking.

    What I’m really hoping for is more businesses in the States to offer free WiFi. Gonna be frequenting Starbucks and McDonalds when I head down there for vacation in a few weeks. Now if Timmies had announced a US expansion at the same time, then I’d be excited. 😉

  • travis

    tim hortons has no 20 min time policies and if your in a store and they try to tell you such tell then that tdl (the company) removed that rule a year ago

  • travis

    its chain wide malls included

  • Zapperman

    Good idea but it’s really too bad their coffee is so awful. It will take more than this to get me in there…