Virgin Launches $40/4GB Plan in Response to Public Mobile Promo


Time is running out if you’re looking to jump on Public Mobile’s $38/4GB promo plan, which offers unlimited province-wide talk, caller ID and voicemail. Since we switched from Fido, many, many of you have switched too since we posted our step-by-step tutorial.

Now, it looks like Virgin Mobile (Bell) has launched a promo of their own to stop customers from switching over to rival Telus-owned Public Mobile.

According to RFD, Virgin has launched an identical $40/4GB promo for customers in B.C. and Alberta only, until Monday, November 21st, for new activations only.

Virgin $40 4gb

It’s interesting Virgin won’t let existing customers jump on this plan, and is limiting it to BC and Alberta. Public Mobile runs on the Telus nationwide LTE network—which is shared with Bell, by the way.

Let us know if you’re going to jump onto this Virgin Mobile promo or stick with Public Mobile. There is no auto renew discount so it looks like Public Mobile wins out here, along with the latter’s loyalty discount which takes $1/month off your plan the longer you stay with them (up to $5/month in year five).

Public Mobile takes a couple business days to ship out their SIM cards, so order yours today and you may get it by Friday if you’ve been procrastinating. You’ll need their SIM card to do the self-port online.


  • xxxJDxxx

    Is it worth calling Rogers first to see if they will offer something comparable? Seems like once you order a public mobile SIM you’re committed.

  • Yeah it’s worth a shot asking. The PM SIM card is only $5…so it’s not the end of the world if you don’t jump on with them. I’m wondering if PM will bring back this promo in the future, it’s so popular.

  • KBlazer07

    Fido always has good Black Friday deals, so wait until next week. With their recent birthday deals, I figure there will be an extra special BF deal this year.

  • xxxJDxxx

    Rogers told me the best offer they have is $60 for 1gb. Less than the plan I’m currently on. They seemed completely fine with letting me go after 10+ years. Certainly didn’t fight hard.

  • Bob Zmuda

    How quickly we forget. Last year for Black Friday Virgin along with Fido and Koodo offered 2GB Talk Text for $34… however Virgin was the only one to jack their price up by $5 less than 6 months later.

    Don’t get screwed by this Virgin…

  • LadeeDa

    No. Rogers has repeatedly said they can’t. No point in wasting your time and energy

  • LadeeDa

    Don’t bother.

    Perhaps boxing day? However I think not. The trend in the industry thanks to Robelus is get less, pay more. If anything Wind and Shaw will have some deals at some point.

  • makeittalk

    Yup. They said the same to me. Been with Rogers for 16 years but they don’t seem to want to match rates.

  • It’s Me

    Fido won’t have anything close to PM . Even their retentions dept can only offer almost twice the price for 4gb, and that’s with cripple-VM, no call forwarding, monthly expirying addons and no roll over data (which 12 gb over 3 months effectively is). Fido’s Black Friday deals will be a joke, as always.

    Waiting for scraps from fido and letting the PM deal expire isn’t a great idea. You will pay more and get less.

  • Charles

    Pm has stopped taking orders for SIM cards because it’s cutting too close to the end of the deal. Even though I received mine the next day, my friend waited too long and couldn’t get it yesterday.

  • unVirgin

    Will be switching from Virgin to PM as I have already ordered their $5 SIM. Currently paying $54 for 1GB and unlimited call/text Canada wide.

  • shannon

    just for new activations?? how about old customers, they are loyal and they dont get a shit on this? they might get new customers, at the mean time, they will lose some old customers too.

  • Dan

    Confirmed: Virgin in NOT allowing existing customers to get this promo, despite appealing to the retention department directly. So much for brand loyalty! Switching to PM or Fido today.

    FYI, a friend of mine already using Fido WAS given the new Fido promo. Obviously they appreciate their customers much more than Virgin does.

  • Terence Pang

    Jokes on you

  • It’s Me

    Why? Seems like the joke was people that fell for the fido leftovers. You got less and you pay more. Sound financial planning.

    Did you fall for it? LOL